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Ziggy's Burger Bliss on Carlisle

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Ziggy's Eatery is a highly impressive modern burger joint on Carlisle St St Kilda that specialises in gourmet burgers and dude food at excellent value. These are not burgers slapped together but you get the impression of a kitchen of skilfull and passionate foodies that care for their customers. We were impressed at the high level cuisine here and the resonating passion of the owners. They simply serve some of the best burgers in  town. The World Loves Melbourne was invited as a guest of Ziggy's.

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Check out the Texan Giant Burger at Ziggy's as one of the best in Melbourne. It ticks all my burger boxes. The bun is critical to any burger, and where some burger joints in Melbourne fall down. Ziggy's offers a fresh soft brioche of high quality. Next, the meat patty is quality beef with right amount of seasoning and is a giant 250g. Not for the faint hearted!

Aoli is excellent adding to the flavour of the burger, together with a killer Texan sauce. Not to mention the tomato, cheese, onion and lettuce of quality. Overall juiciness factor was high. Unapologetically  I prefer a juicy burger to a dry one. The combination of flavours just works here. A burger to reckon with.

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Ziggy's is an all round dude food destination of note. Even the chicken wings with 3 types of tangy sauce hit the mark... Especially with a Mexican beer...

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Ziggy's has an attractive fit out with edgy artwork adorning the walls. The use of timber is attractive including a large communal table. Or eat outside and enjoy the ambience of bustling Carlisle Street.

We found this restaurant to be family friendly. Our kids loved the food here, and especially the burgers. The menu is broad and has something for everyone.

The owners are friendly foodies and attentive. We enjoyed connecting with them as much as the outstanding food.

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Check out the Texan Giant burger again... We could have ordered the Spanky with German mustard and gherkins and special sauce. Or the Hot Bikini with hot pineapple, or Pepper with green peppercorn, to name a few. Interesting gourmet burgers.

Importantly, the sauces are great here. Rich but not overpowering and a perfect accompaniment to the dude food.

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Ziggy's menu doesn't fall away after the burgers. We took on this Middle eastern inspired Beef Shawarma wrap with grilled beef strips, tahini, yoghurt, Spanish onion, tomato, salad and fried onion - that blew us away. Not a simple wrap but infused with interesting spices and flavours. The portions are generous here, and we think you won't leave hungry.

In fact for the health conscious there are some geat salads here, including the popular Grilled Haloumi salad. Or enjoy a vegetarian wrap, called the Foollafel Wrap with Middle Eastern style veggie fritters!

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Equally impressive is the Pork Belly burger with Vietnamese coleslaw  and Hoteriyaki sauce. A great fusion burger. The pork belly itself was highly impressive as perfectly cooked sticky and melt in your mouth. This is an indulgent dish and great value for the price.

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Chips are important at a burger joint. Ziggy's delivers with these fries tossed in their secret sweet and tangy sauce. Moorish indeed.

The World Loves Melbourne was highly impressed with Ziggy's Eatery and plans to return soon. A revelation and highly recommended.


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