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Tutto Bene Italian Class in Southgate


Tutto Bene is a consistent top notch performer perched above the passers by in Southgate on the first level. Dine and observe the punters below on the boulevard and check out the ambience of the Yarra River precinct. Good Food Month saw Southgate restaurants including Tutto Bene offering excellent specials. Tutto Bene is a favourite of the business crowd and all who delight in authentic Italian fare. I dined as a guest of Tutto Bene.

This was the view from my table at Tutto Bene - one of the best in Melbourne. On a sunny day you can't beat it.


Tutto Bene indulged me in starters such as their fresh bread with their own oil, and olives...


Tutto Bene has been a premium risotto destination over the years. I counted 10 compelling risottos on the menu. Tutto Bene uses Ferron-Vialone Nano rice, an Italian white rice with short plump grains, and with a creamy consistency when cooked.

The Anatra Risotto with Organic Duck, porcini mushroom and sage was superb and a hearty rustic dish. I love a creamy risotto and Tutto Bene delivers, with quality ingredients. The sauce was rich and thick and indulgent as we like it. For a weekday lunch this was a serious affair, but Tutto Bene were not holding back.

Along with a well chosen Pinot, this is a winning combination.


Tutto Bene has a modern fit out - attractive inside and out - but on a sunny day I would choose the outdoor area.

The risotto again... I could have ordered the Granchio Spanner crab risotto or the Salsicce Pork sausage risotto, for example.

Says their website,Tutto Bene – the Italian translation of “everything’s good!” With its unique identity and branding, Tutto Bene showcases the best Italian produce in a traditional eatery style, with uninterrupted picturesque skyline views of Melbourne. 

Tutto Bene is a standout in Southgate with its ambience, service and fine Italian fare - and well worth a visit.

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