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You Know You're Australian When...

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You know you're Australian when - 

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-You own several pairs of thongs including upmarket ones for "going out".

-You spend copious amounts of time at the beach but little time in the water.

-You drive your brand new car on the beach and don't care about surf and sand.

-Your beer has to be cold (not an option).

-You know when "beer o'clock" is.

-You think there should be more public holidays. Who cares what they're for.

-You enjoy the long distance drive between capital cities as no big deal.

-You find it hard to let go of your V6 or V8 for an "economy" car.

-You rarely eat pies but always at the football.

-You know Bondi Beach isn't the best beach in Australia.

- You're adept at putting on a croaky voice when "pulling a sickie".

-You trust people in the pub more than you trust politicians.

-You love to tell tourists embellished stories and point them in wrong directions.