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Hot Star Fried Chicken Sensation in Swanston


We all like fried chicken right? Hot Star is a super successful fried chicken eatery that has exploded across Asia since the humble beginnings of a street stall in Taiwan in 1992 operated by the famous Mr Wang.

The first Australian store has opened in Swanston St Melbourne to queues down the street. This is pitching as some of the best fried chicken around - with a massive 250gm cut of prime chicken served up hot and juicy (cooked on the bone) with Hot Star secret seasoning.

With lines all the way to the road at its 233 Swanston St store, the team from Hot Star are now set to open up a second Hot Star venue at 429 Elizabeth Street!

‘Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside’ Hot Star has wowed Melbournians with its flavorsome 250gram hand cut chicken breast, thirty centimeters in length.
The Taiwanese chicken sensation, established in the famous Taiwanese Shilin Night Market, has indeed found a new home in Melbourne with foodies queuing up on a daily basis for their crispy chicken fix. Despite queues extending for meters, the speed and efficiency of the Hot Star team have ensured customers wait no longer than 8-10 minutes during the busiest of lunchtimes.


The World Loves Melbourne was invited by Hot Star to sample its fare. Hot Star is a restaurant I've been eyeing off for several weeks. The popularity of Hot Star in Asia is amazing. A big part of the success is the sheer size of the cuts of fried chicken. I'm not shy of a large portion, and this filled me up.

Another winning factor is that Hot Star use local suppliers. It's the seasonings and secret spices that are imported from Taiwan.

Also, Hot Star don't have product sitting in trays for long periods. Everything is made fresh. You actually need to wait about 5 min for your order but it's worth it. The chicken needs to be eaten hot and fresh, not half an hour later. It's so good with the secret seasoning. You can determine the spice factor of the seasoning sprinkled on your fried chicken. 

At the bottom of the paper bag is the bone of the chicken, necessary in the cooking process to produce the 'juiciness'. 


Hot Star is famous for their original recipe Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. 100% chicken breast. And only $8 for a huge 250gm! So affordability is another crowd pleaser. 

I was able to sample the rest of the menu and can report on quality treats that complement the fried chicken.


Hot Star Original Large Fried Chicken is recommended with a side of Sweet Potato fries/chips.


Hot Star does sweet potato fries justice, bathed in the Hot Star seasoning from Taiwan and served crisp outside and soft inside.


Check out the crispy outside and juicy inside of the chicken below... With the red hue of the max spicy sprinkle I asked for....


Hot Star also excels with its Chicken Bites. The whole trend of popcorn chicken is all the rage. The Hot Star version is sensational - larger bites than your average popcorn chicken. One of the hallmarks is you can't stop eating them. Crispy goodness and not too dry.


And you get a decent portion for the price, served in a small paper bag...


Hot Star also pleases with its Mushrooms, also fried up and ready to go in a paper bag. Again, the mushrooms have crispy batter but are juicy inside. I really enjoyed this side. I recommend the Chicken Bites, the Mushrooms and the Sweet Potato.


Grab your drinks here or pop into Gong Cha the bubble tea specialists next door (reviewed seperately).

Hot Star is a compelling destination for fried chicken lovers and the attraction of the food is matched by passionate friendly staff. Open to 11pm is another bonus.


Hot Star's Vivian (owner) on the left and Prema (store manager) on the right are engaging and are customer focussed.

Hot Star are also set to open in Sydney in March. Highly recommended.

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