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Valentines Day at Cafe Vue Heide

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Valentine's Day is a massive affair and there's no better place than to dine and romance than at Shannon Bennett's Cafe Vue at Heide this Friday at 6pm for $98 a head. The World Loves Melbourne was able to sample the spectacular Dessert Buffet ahead of Valentine's Day and spread the romance a little early.

When it comes to the big day you need aome "wow" factor. With Head Chef Rick Person at the helm and the advent of a talented pastry chef, the offerings are of the highest order. The Dessert Buffet cascades and flows with sophisticated treats and Australiana props to boot.

Located at the picturesque Heide Museum of Modern Art, Café Vue Heide offers tranquil surrounds to celebrate with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of the Summer light with a meander through the Sculpture Park and a stroll through the kitchen gardens.  

Follow with a relaxed dinner in the cafe accompanied by live music. Chef Rick has put together a beautiful menu echoing the seasonality of the gardens and with matching wines from Yering Station to compliment each course  To top off the evening, is a plentiful and stunning sweets selection from the dessert bar.    
Three courses with matching wines from Yering Station $98 per person 
Crab, carrot, cucumber, melon 
2012 Yering Station Chardonnay  


Wagyu steak, Gascony butter, fries 
2012 Yering Station Shiraz  
Mark Eather catch of the day, chermoula, garden salad 
2012 Yering Station Pinot Noir  


A selection of petite sweets from the dessert bar 
Five Senses Coffee or Chamellia Organic Tea 

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Cafe Vue at Heide is offering something special this Valentine's Day but they also excel all week, with Sundays showcasing the buffets. For only $69 you can experience the Entree/Main/Dessert Buffet or $48 for an afternoon tea buffet and a glass of sparkling wine ($28 for the kids).

We enjoyed this Mark Eather catch of the day (Kingfish) sashimi, kimchi, ginger, soy above and the Gazpacho, Greenvale Farm Lonza, grilled sourdough below. The Gazpacho has some kick with hints of chilli, and also featured nuances of burnt capsicum and lemon balm leaf. The cooking process spans two days and the result is a dish so refreshing!

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The Crab, avocado, kohlrabi was also delicate and satisfying. Cafe Vue Heide is described as a cafe and its cuisine is way above cafe standard, as we came to appreciate. Our waiter Jess was one of the best waiters we've encountered in Melbourne ever - so attentive and engaging, and with obvious food knowledge.

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The star of the show for me was the Greenvale Farm BBQ Pork Ribs, kohlrabi, apple slaw, sweet potato fries. So this is how ribs are meant to be done! Rick Person reaches into his vast experience in the American South to cook these ribs expertly using his own Louisiana style rub and cooking process. Impressive is the cut of baby back ribs and the eight hour cooking process.

Rick's Rib's Rub - 


Garlic powder

Sweet Paprika

Hot Paprika



Brown Sugar

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There was a war at our table as everyone clamoured to get at the ribs...

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The fries were also top notch...

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Also singing on the plate was this Cajun spiced Mark Eather Snapper with amaranth garden salad. A similar spice was used on the fish as for the ribs. Blackened Snapper. Cafe Vue at Heide have access to their extensive garden so the plethora of herbs on our dishes had been hand picked from their private garden at Heide. We also noted at this point the training school here at the cafe - Rick Person trains young apprentices including a "paddock to plate ethos" in taking advantage of the Heide Garden.

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Then it was time to be satiated by the extraordinary Dessert Buffet. Where to start?

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Chocolate eclairs anyone? 

cafe vue heide 090214-30 

These lamington suprised with chocolate mousse filling and coconut and compote of jam.

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Cupcakes were delicate and rewarding with the French pastry chef excelling... Flourless orange cupcakes.

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Macaroons were of a high standard and my personal favourite was the lime macaroon, where the lime flavour was authentic and alluring.

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I know these as Melting Moments, and after a few of these I was on a dessert high.

 cafe vue heide 090214-40

Remember this is supposed to be a cafe. This Mango and Lime Cake was so delectable and rich and my favourite of the selection.

cafe vue heide 090214-41 

Simple spectacular. Amazingly, the desserts change every week! Then Rick offered us a personal tour of the Heide Garden...

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Rick Person is a charming and engaging chef and his tour of the Heide Garden was an absolute highlight. We explored the different herbs in the garden and realised that there are so many more interesting herbs than just the standard ones you often see...

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Rick picked out these huge zucchinis and gave them to us, with the recommendation that we cut them into shaved slices and combine them with lemon and Greek natural yoghurt to slightly cook them. We made this salad the same night and it was amazingly refreshing.

cafe vue heide 090214-51 

Rick got us to feel the texture and sample the aromas of many herbs. It's days like today you love being a food blogger!

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There's so much going on at Cafe Vue at Heide - from hampers to the BBQ section in the courtyard where you can also imbibe on Sundays.

They also have special monthly events and you'll see Rick often cooking a whole pig in the pit. He knows his American cooking like few others.

Thanks to Cafe Vue Heide and Rick Person for a memorable day and kudos for their wonderful cuisine and spectacular dessert buffet. Highly recommended.

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