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New Orleans Comes To Melbourne at Joe's Bar and Dining Hall

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In February, Joe’s Bar and Dining Hall is bringing American spirit to St Kilda (breaking news: now closed) with two events (including this Sunday Mardi Gras celebration) that will make your heart sing and leave your taste buds begging for their next hit of Joe’s American fare.
New Orleans Mardi Gras: Sunday 16 February
To mark the New Orleans Mardi Gras -­‐the French term for ''Fat Tuesday” and the biggest day of the New Orleans calendar-­‐ Joe’s is hosting its own party outdoors and in style.
There’ll be no gaudy parade floats or breast-­‐flashing tourists, instead Joe’s is bringing you jazz funk and sweet authentic grub. Mardi Gras is all about overindulging; expect jambalaya, Cajun canty corn and po’boys a plenty.
They say New Orleans is the city that loves to party, but then so is Melbourne right?
President’s Day: Tuesday 18 February
Each February Americans remember their nation's greatest presidents with a special day of celebration. President’s Day is coming to Joe’s with a special menu honouring the accomplishments and reputation of America’s most renowned past leaders.
The menu:
-Barack Obama debates the "Healthcare Burger"
Smoked eggplant, pickled beetroot, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin puree, romaine lettuce
-George W Bush mispronounces the "Dubya Bush Burger"
Kangaroo, emu, raspberry relish, smoked bell pepper, lemon myrtle mayo, Monteray jack
cheese, mustard cress
-Bill Clinton denies the "Prawn Monica Burger"
Prawns, oysters, asparagus, arugula, basil, guacamole, gruyere
-Richard Nixon misappropriates the "I am not a crook burger"
Angus beef patty, dill pickles, watergate cress, onion jam, maple smoked bacon, lettuce,
Monterey jack cheese
-John F Kennedy asks what you can do for your "Bay of Pigs Burger"
Pulled pork shoulder, candied bacon, pork crackling, lettuce and "We choose to go to the
moon" cheese
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