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Bluebonnet Barbecue Wows With BBQ Bad Boys


Who is Melbourne's best BBQ outfit? Well, we have a contender in Bluebonnet Barbecue, an emerging BBQ powerhouse in the popular Melbourne carnivore scene, and coming to a pop up near you...

Those in the know are excited by the technique, flair and flavours that Bluebonnet brings to BBQ with it's American influence. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience Bluebonnet (State flower of Texas of course) and the culinary genius of USA trained Chris Terlikar for a night at The Beaufort in North Melbourne. (By the way they also serve up Vegetarian ribs).



Bluebonnet Barbecue are in the  process of finding a permanent location so this was it's fifth and final co-op kitchen event at The Beaufort. Thanks to Bluebonnet and Tess for the invite, this was right down our alley...

Bluebonnet will be back on the menu for their pop-up at Grub Van. Excited to announce that Bluebonnet BBQ is having a pop up at Grub Food Van on Moor Street at the end of this month and will be serving out of the 1960's airsteam situated out front. #trailer #news #texasthrowback

They have also just got Sailor Jerry on board to add some delicious spiced rum to the mix. #May29th

In addition to this exciting news,  the back room of The Beaufort has been going through a revamp, so customers were in for quite a surprise! I was the corporate looking dude in a sea of hipsters - with beanies and beards, and add to that "brisket"...


Chris Terlikar was on fire, so to speak. His rub is legendary, the product of vast research in vast Texas. Having worked in top restaurants in New York and Australia, Chris brings 20 years of experience to the table. His forte is to bring a fine dining twist to BBQ...


The menu was full of "must have's" and I wanted it all!


An impressive beer list made for a perfect match with BBQ meats. I was handed a Shaky Pete, featuring gin and ginger, along with larger. Seductive, strong and sweet, this beer was not for the faint hearted.


Check out these bad boys. Bluebonnet supplied The World Loves Melbourne with an enormous serving of BBQ treats.

The 12 hour slow cooked Angus brisket was full of smoky flavour and tender as it gets. 

The Housemade Texas Hot Guts sausage was not overprocessed but contained a high meat content with loads of spice. Thick flavoursome sausage.

The Corn bread was perfect accompaniment for the meats and was like a meal in itself. It's important in BBQ to have quality accompaniments. Even if the meat is top notch you can't just rely on meat alone.

Bluebonnet also excelled with its zesty Apple and Kohlrabl Slaw, again a perfect accompaniment.


The Pork spare ribs contain a secret rub and secret technique. Complex flavours infused into these ribs made for a memorable dish. Needless to say I handled this with my fingers, eager for every morsel. Don't think I've had ribs this good in Melbourne...


Masters of the BBQ doing an amazing job in a relatively confined The Beaufort kitchen...


The Smoked Beef cheek was also top notch.



In about half an hour of me arriving the place was packed and pumping with hundreds of BBQ lovers descending on The Beaufort...


NORA pastry for dessert was a triumph, including charcoal black pastry and kaffir lime hit  - something new for me. The Moonshine whisky infused  cherries were also a highlight.


Bluebonnet were overwhelmed by demand and ran out of dishes by 8pm..


We predict big things from Bluebonnet, and look forward to their entree into Moor St for the upcoming pop up end of May...