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Mr Burger Free Burger Giveaway

To celebrate the newly completed renovations, Mr Burger will be giving away free 
burgers this Saturday 10th of May from 11.30am-2pm at the Therry St store. 
Mr Burger's Therry St store opened in November 2012 with their first food truck 
parked inside the former mechanics workshop. As bookings increased, the truck was 
sent back on the road and has been replaced by a 20-foot shipping container with a 
fully functioning kitchen. The new store's cooking capacity has increased thanks to a 
larger grill, and the dining area now offers seating for 45-plus burger-eaters. 
“We’re very happy with the new renovations, and think they'll make the Mr Burger 
experience even better. We’ve addressed two of the main customer requests: the 
need for more seating and less wait time, as well as making the space more inviting 
and comfortable to be in”, says owner Myles Munro. 
Since Mr Burger's launch in 2012, the Melbourne-based burger business' arsenal 
has grown to four trucks and three stores. Their orange trucks and delicious burgers 
have become a common sight on the streets of Melbourne and at many large events 
and festivals. 
93 Therry St, Melbourne (opposite the Victoria Market Deli) 
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Friday 11.30am-3.30pm, Saturday-Sunday 11.30am-4pm