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De Mad Hatter Docklands Wonderland

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De Mad Hatter is a standout themed cafe in the city side of Docklands that has proven a winner for city workers and locals over time. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a salubrious bloggers breakfast at De Mad Hatter, but in truth I have frequented this cafe for over a year as a loyal patron.  

De Mad Hatter is a playful cafe with an Alice in Wonderland theme predominant.  This is a cafe where you leave the corporate cut and thrust of city life and venture down a rabbit hole into a world of fantasy and tea party pleasure.

We love the little touches at De Mad Hatter such as the heart shape wooden objects with numbers for table service, and the faux clock. The quirky objects throughout the cafe bring charm and make this cafe feel warm and appealing. Even the menu reflects the Alice theme.

Backing up the theme is consistently excellent cuisine tailored for customers looking to meet and linger in a happy place, but also city workers and people 'on the go'. Vincent the Manager surprises customers with his memory of names and his exceptional service levels. We note that there's been a solid team together at De Mad Hatter for some time, and all staff are pleasant and go the extra mile.

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De Mad Hatter serves up decent coffee consistently - I would know having consumed coffee here most days. Staff in my office tend to agree.

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Breakfast options include the healthy Birchers Muesli topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit as pictured above, as well as larger hot meals for those wanting to indulge...

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Several of us at the bloggers breakfast enjoyed the above DMH Signature of Fried egg, chorizo, oven baked cheesy tortilla topped with fresh tomato and bean salsa. This was the quintessential breakfast for a Docklands worker wanting a hearty start to the day...

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De Mad Hatter also thrilled with its House Made Pancakes topped with fruit compote and ice cream...

This is a cafe that gives back to the punters. De Mad Hatter offers breakfast specials that office workers so love - affordability and repeat business.

We in the office enjoy visiting De Mad Hatter for lunch, with an attractive hot food bar filled with interesting and often healthy options. Check out De Mad Hatter, it may well become your staple cafe of choice...