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Stagger Lees Hits Americana Home Run


Stagger Lees is one of the best cafes in Melbourne. A major part of a cafe's attraction is its ambience, not just the quality of its food and coffee. But when you tick all the boxes of atmosphere, food and seriously great coffee you have a winner. Stagger Lees is everything a cafe wants to be. The World Loves Melbourne had the task of taking Canadian friends to a standout cafe in melbourne and Stagger Lees came up with the goods.


Some menus feature "must haves" and the menu at Stagger Lees has a compelling Mork chocolate milkshake for the discerning.


Stagger Lees is the brainchild of the folk at iconic Proud Mary in Collingwood. Many would know the song about the muderous dude who murders over a hat. In Brunswick St this may be a vintage hat or some cowboy boots. In any case the Americana theme at Proud Mary continues on at Stagger Lees.

He wore rat-drawn shoes and an old stetson hat

Had a '28 ford, had payments on that

- from Nic Cave version of the song Stagger Lee, very Brunswick...


The menu selections are all appealing here. My friends are health conscious but when Mike saw the Fat Bacon Toastie featuring Apple wood smoked bacon, gruyere fondue, fried egg served with winter greens and chutney, he was hooked. The toastie was served with eggs on top open style. This dish would impress Elvis.


Having eaten scores of burgers around Melbourne I found the Stack & Billy Burger to be one of the best around. A chart topper featuring Black Angus shin patty, bacon, American mustard, catsup, aioli, pickles and cheddar served with bacon croquettes and greens. The balance of flavours is perfect. The patty is magical. Brioche buns are a great texture and mild sweetness. Much thought has gone into this burger including killer aoli, quality pickles and cheddar. Please remind me to put this burger in my "Best burgers of Melbourne" section. Kudos to Head Chef Chris Hamburger (do I say the obvious?)...

The burger comes with amazing creamy croquettes that are almost a meal in themselves. When I said to the waitress, "Wow, I didn't realise these amazing croquettes come with the burger!" she said "Read the damn menu." But she said it in a playful kind of way that didn't offend. Banter in Brunswick...


So we ordered two of the Toasties...


And we love the T-shirt behind the dish. Subtle branding.


Triology of dude food from Stagger Lees...


My Canadian friends Mike and Deb are familiar with Vancouver (the other most liveable city) and are taking mental notes re cafes in Melbourne. (Suitably) impressed.

The fit out at Stagger Lees is stunning with large windows looking out to the prime of Brunswick St, exposed brick rustic look, concrete floor, as well as savvy timberwork and retro chairs and modern cabinets (with tasty treats). Spot the hipster at Stagger Lees.


Stagger Lees also has a liquor license. If it wasn't for the Mork chocolate milkshake this would have been our preferred source of refreshment.

As for coffee this place offers only the best - check out the single origins on the board. Come here and you'll find Stagger Lees to be a keeper...

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