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Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind A Smash Hit

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind celebrates all the things we love and some of the best in Melbourne - a coffee specialist, pork belly champion and top grade charcuterie maker. Brunswick has unveiled one of its finest with Two Little Pigs Charcuterie hugely popular with locals. The World Loves Melbourne was invited by the owner cousins Jonathan Ioannou and Socrates Terrence Farrugia (both extensive industry experience) to check out this bright savvy cafe and its fine fare. We found the menu interesting and not like every other cafe in Melbourne.


Think coffee excellence. Two Little Pigs served me this filter blend of Ethiopian and Kenyan, which exploded in the mouth with flavour. I loved the idea of a blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian, being a seasonal blend. Presentation was excellent. Grab your single origins here and check out the impressive La Marzocco Strada machine.


Think attractive dining spaces. The fit out is modern and minimalist with white walls, attractive tiles, communal table, large window overlooking eclectic Sydney Road, hanging produce, and a stunning courtyard at the back.


The World Loves Melbourne was served up an amazing selection of signature dishes.


The owner cousins share a love for specialist coffee and meat, notable pork. The World Loves Melbourne can identify with pork belly tragics. The combination of fine coffee and charcuterie is compelling, and it works.

We note a charcuterie trend in Melbourne. The charcuterie at Two Little Pigs is simply fabulous. Two Little Pigs have sourced the best of produce including salami from specialists Savour & Grace, including Spanish salami with rum and nutmeg and Wild truffle infused pork salami.

The Chorizo is top grade imported salt cured chorizo from San Jose in Spain. Terrine is House made in an Asian style infused with coconut, as a magnificent contrast to the salami. The charcuterie board also included Pure pork Italian style salami, Pork salami with fennel, Spiced apple chutney, House made duck liver pate, and Indian style relish. Add to that delectable fresh bread. And this is the small board! You can also buy many of the charcuterie products at Two Little Pigs to take home.


The charcuterie was a shared board for two and generous in portion, but I then enjoyed this signature Pea and Ham of Crisp roasted pork belly, poached free range eggs, green pea veloute served with sourdough toast. What a great dish! For a start it's a work of art. The pork belly is exceptional slow cooked for at least 5 hours and has crispy skin on top. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the pea soup was delecate and not overbearing as with some restaurants. The combination was sensational.


The Roast Pork Belly Roll is a large roll with generous amount of Crispy skin pork belly, coleslaw and mustard aoli. Some think this is the best lunch dish. It's more substantial than the usual lunch roll and displays why Two Little Pigs are seen as the pork belly specialists. I did add a little salt to my pork as I personally like pork "salted up".


Here we have my lunch displayed - needless to say I couldn't quite eat it all! But so good...


You can argue Two Little Pigs brings the best of coffee, the best of charcuterie and the best of pork belly. Add to that top notch service.

The World Loves Melbourne wishes this arrangement could be hanging in our home kitchen...


Two Little Pigs was packed when The World Loves Melbourne arrived towards the end of lunchtime. We are keen to return to try the House minced beef and bacon burger, Duck fat fries, Pulled lamb brioche, and the Slow roasted lamb orechietti.


Two Little Pigs has one of the best courtyard spaces on Sydney Road.

Bright signage adorns the street. Two Little Pigs adds much to the Melbourne culinary scene, and is a superb addition to Sydney Road. Highly recommended.

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