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Green Park an Alluring Foodie Destination



Green Park has fast established itself with a foodie reputation and compelling dining venue in Carlton North. Jesse Gurner (Bomba, Anada) has added style and savvy in delivering on a day and night accessible dining experience. The World Loves Melbourne has been keen to visit, having not been able to make it to the official launch.


The World Loves Melbourne rolled up one weekday to Green Park rather late for lunch and in fact the kitchen was closed to prepare for a dessert degustation. So I perched myself at the bar and was delighted to find Rabbit Rillette with house made pickles and toast on the menu. 


Green Park in all its glory, with a certain elegance. Cyclists can pull in for a well deserved coffee, or indeed imbibe from the larger menu.


The World Loves Melbourne enjoys the ambience at Green Park, including the little touches such as elaborate floral arrangements. Check in for fine coffee, including an outdoor station where you can perch on a stool.


Rabbit was hard to resist but "wicked camenbert" is also tempting when at the bar.

On a cold Melbourne day the Rabbit Rillette was rewarding.

Presentation is excellent, arranged on a board.


One of the elaborate floral arrangements I mentioned earlier...


The wine list was impressive and this Heathcote GSM was on the money, the acidity and refreshing characteristics cutting through the rillette.


Green Park boasts a well stocked bar... Says the website about the bar - 

"It’s not hard to feel a little amorous about the bar at Green Park. Green leather booths, a beautiful timber expanse (perfectly proportioned so you don’t even have to think about your knees), an excellent bartender (Carlos Arujo from Der Raum, among others) meaning you are in safe hands and a curtain that gets swished across to separate bar from dining room at night would raise the pulse of even the most distracted barfly. Add an excellent list of robustly flavoured bar food that’s not afraid of a little fat and salt, a good soundtrack and excellent acoustics and there’s every reason to swoon."

Green Park is a restaurant The World Loves Melbourne plans to return to in order to sample the wider menu. Highly recommended.

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