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Badger v's Hawk - Great coffee & Killer Courtyard

Badger v's Hawk is a cool cafe on La Trobe and a great find for those who frequent the precinct. It shines with great coffee, personalised service, cool fit out, and a killer back courtyard section. I noticed they use Proud Mary coffee and they acknowledge Proud Mary is on fire at the moment. 

First I'm impressed by the signage and large windows facing La Trobe. Enter into a coffee haven with light streaming through the windows. An iconic barista by the name of Cosmo Hawke will engage you and pour you a spectacular coffee using a La Marzacco. Go a cold drip or a pour over or a great espresso.

My latte was impressive and full of intense flavour. I walked away with the characteristics still resonating within. The conversation with Cosmo was also resonating and he is a great man to have a chat with. The other half of Badger v's Hawke is Lucien Kolff. Both guys have been major players in the Melbourne coffee world in recent years.

They hit the scene in creating a summer sensation known as the Machete - a bottled black cold brew coffee. I wanted to try it but given it was one of those sub antarctic days in Melbourne I went for the espresso.

Food selection includes simple lunches from 11-2pm and a killer breakfast brioche with crispy bacon and a mustard aoli. The lunch sandwiches include the classic Rueben.

There is another world out the back through a cool brick doorway. Here you will find plenty of seating and it's a popular place for burgers and craft beer. A great place to visit in the evenings.

Cool hipster music playing through a mounted speaker brings a great ambience. Badger v's Hawk is an awesome addition to the precinct and the Melbourne coffee scene.