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Earl Canteen - World's Best Sandwich

Back in 2011 The World Loves Melbourne asked the question, "Who makes the world's best sandwich?" And we proposed Earl Canteen is surely up with the best. From their origins at 500 Bourke St (access from Little Bourke St) they have now exapnded into Emporium Melbourne and Collins Place.  Surely this is testament to the high quality of these gourmet sandwiches.

World best sandwiches should be fresh, imaginative, generous, gourmet, quality ingredients and perfect combinations. Add to that consistency day in and day out. And Earl Canteen ticks all the boxes.

A highly popular lunchtime pilgrimage for hungry corporates, Earl Canteen breathes fresh life into the humble sandwich. If fact no longer the humble  sandwich - now a gourmet sensation! (They also do breakfast by the way...)

I'm a big eater but I doubt I could go two of these sandwiches. Unlike other places where one sandwich is never enough! These are not thin sandwiches with a couple of thin pieces of meat and excuse for salad, but big mothers guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. My life has involved vast numbers of vegemite sandwiches and fritz and sauce sandwiches as a child... Then cucumber sandwiches at private school cricket matches... Of course jam and peanut butter sandwiches between meals... Even the old club sandwich was a previous high! But this is another league! This is the premier league first division of sandwiches!

Says the website - 

"EARL Canteen came about because two hungry waiters spent too much time watching chefs in fancy restaurants making a snack with ingredients destined for diner’s plates and two pieces of bread. It was the ultimate staff meal. They decided to do something about it.

So sandwiches are what EARL does. Not just any sandwich, but what we have labeled ‘restaurant quality’ sandwiches. Words don’t equal taste however, so this is what our philosophy is all about."

The standout is the Crisp skin free range pork belly sandwich... I'm pleased to say it powers on after several years. I'm talking generous portion of tasty moist perfectly cooked pork with cabbage and fennel coleslaw, wilted silverbeet inside a fresh thick roll... The star attraction for me is the pork crackling! Oh yum! Never enough! (I don't care if it's salty!) And Earl Canteen still loads you up on the cvrackling.

Other amazing choices include the Lime Poached Chicken, Harissa Lamb, the Fish Fingers or the ever popular Meatballs. This is fresh - their slogan is "made today, not for tomorrow." Apart from sandwiches Earl Canteen put together fabulous salads including a healthy Superfood salad.

We discussed it in the office and a survey among well travelled corporates couldn't identify better sandwiches anywhere... New York rated a mention. But Earl Canteen is a global winner. Totally delicious creative fillings!

I love how they prepare the sandwiches to order and make them fresh in front of you. I love the ambience of Earl Canteen bang in the middle of hectic corporate MelbourneThe lunchtime line up was long but worth the wait. If you can get a seat inside it's a bonus. Visiting Emporium Melbourne was also a great experience - take a number and find a table. First class venue and service.

Make sure you visit Earl Canteen one lunchtime. Is there a better sandwich anywhere in the world?

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