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Pop Up Cherry Store in Melbourne CBD

Cherry lovers your time has come, because along with fashionistas and restaurant groupies, you too can enjoy the delights of a pop up shop… but only for a few more short weeks. (The World Loves Melbourne highly rates these top notch plump cherries having enjoyed them previously).
Melbourne’s first-ever pop up cherry shop has opened in the heart of the CBD and it’s stocked with freshly picked cherries from Cherryhill Orchards in the Yarra ValleyMany people are surprised that cherries direct from the grower are the largest and sweetest they have ever seen or tasted. In fact, Cherryhill grows only the finest varieties and their cherries are the fruit of choice for many of Melbourne’s top fruiterers.
Cherryhill’s pop-up shop is now stocked, with yummy, extra large cherries in packaging ranging from 500g punnets to 5kg boxes. There are also delicious cherry delights for your pantry, including cherry cordial, cherry jam and cherry sauce. Fresh, local cherries are a sure sign summer here and they don’t get much fresher than those in Cherryhill’s pop up shop.
You’ll find it in the Paramount Centre Food Court, 108 Bourke Street, Melbourne and it’s open every day of the week from 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Cherryhill’s pop up shop will remain open until the end of the season in midFebruary… and that means that delicious, fresh cherries will be available for the Chinese New Year as well as Christmas!
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