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Cocktail Series - Manhattan Ale at The Everleigh

Sexy and seductive. The Everleigh, as one of the great bars of the world, was the perfect location for the launch of Manhattan Ale. Not only is The Everleigh a chic drinking destination, it's prepared to push boundaries. The Cocktail Series celebrates beverages that fall somewhere in between beers and cocktails. Blurring edges and expanding mindsets. Check out our Best Bars in Melbourne.

Manhattan Ale, The Everleigh's locally brewed ale in collaboration with Dainton brewing, is compelling. This Ale is a solid 7% alcohol and is to be sipped in cocktail glasses - possibly a new concept for drinkers.

We've always loved the concept of the Manhattan cocktail. The drinking culture some time ago went through a phase of masking the taste of alcohol in cocktails. One of the few cocktails we could turn to during that phase was the Manhattan - with a whisky base. "Put the man in Manhattan!" has been our catch cry. (Hopefully that's not overly sexist). Now we're glad the drinking culture generally no longer masks the taste of alcohol in cocktails. In recent years the quality of spirits has improved, which is another case for not masking the taste of alcohol. Rant over.

Manhattan Ale, like the cocktail, is big, bold and brassy. It makes no apologies for its bigness. Yet the nuances are impressive. How Dan from Dainton Family Brewery can pack so much flavour into an Ale is a miracle and mystery. There's layers.

An eager crowd gathered to experience the nuances of Manhattan Ale. We predict it will be a hit with a savvy drinking crowd wanting to try new things.

The still relatively new The Elk Room at The Everleigh was looking mighty fine. American Civil War memorabilia provides a captivating backdrop to your drinking activities. Chesterfield sofa overdrive.



Manhattan Ale is the first in a series of drinks bridging the gap between classic cocktails and craft beer. A rich ale of malted rye and spicy noble hops, Manhattan Ale is aged in Tasmanian Whiskey barrels and French Oak Shiraz casks. How amazing is that!

The beer is directly inspired by the infamous Manhattan cocktail, a stirred combination of Sweet Vermouth, Rye Whiskey and Angostura Bitters. 


Manhattan Ale impresses with an overall creaminess, as well as depth across the palate. The barrels have infused the Ale with subtle characters of Shiraz and Whisky.


Michael Madrusan from The Everleigh was at his charming best, enthusiastic about new concepts in drinking.


Manhattan Ale is available for distribution through Northdown, Craft Beer Movement, over the bar at The Everleigh and at all participating retailers and venues.


Dainton Family Brewery is an Independent 100% Family owned operation brewing Authentic Hand Crafted Beer. Dan, the brew-man, has spent the last 5 years in the brewing industry slaving away at his passion for crafting awesome beer.

After years in a home-brew shop, winning numerous amateur awards, a stint at James Squire Portland Hotel as the solo brewer (including 2 silvers medals in 2012 at the Australian International Beer Awards) and many months brewing with the team at Holgate Brewhouse, it was time for Dan to move out and move on towards the dream of making his own brew.

Dainton Family Brewery brews beers that they want to drink. Those beers are tasty and sessionable all in one! They focus on pure quality and craftsmanship whilst emphasizing the struggle that it is to get a little family venture off the ground, especially when you have to argue with your relatives…

They currently brew all our pilot batches from scratch on a custom made 250L, 2-vessel, single step infusion system in Dan’s garage. This current batch of beer was fully brewed, kegged and bottled by Dan on a slightly larger local system to ensure there was enough brew to go around for everyone! 

Get on it!

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