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Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew

Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew in Brunswick St is one of the best burger joints in Melbourne for the discerning burger afficiado. Come here for large rewarding juicy burgers with interesting fillings and decent fries and sides, plus enjoy the excellent marriage of burgers to quality craft beers. Gloriously, The World Loves Melbourne was able to easily find parking out the front of this burger joint. We walked into a burger joint with a presence, a stately building of character and space with large windows. Marcelo Tummino (who was the man behind The European and The Supper Club) offers the punters a great burger experience.


Brother Burger felt like a burger brotherhood. They have the burger culture nailed...

Wait staff perched The World Loves Melbourne at this cosy table in the low lit corner adjacent to exposed brick and chic red bench seating. With recycled timber abounding and funky lighting with naked bulbs, this joint has a semi industrial chic ambience to imbibe. 

It wasn't long before the craft beer list appeared in front of me and a pint of 3 Ravens Ale was on the way. Brew before burger.


Brother Burger provides great options depending on what burger mood you're in. I was asked whether I was hungry. My answer to such questions is always "yes!" as I'm not sure what happens if you say "no".


Brother Burger has a burger to cater for every taste. For those who enjoy The Lot your hunger will be satisfied with a plethora of quality ingredients and their wonderful 100% Wagyu patty. The Oh Brother is another compelling option with double patty action. Bean Around is a savvy Vegan option, while Magic Mushie caters for the Vegetarian. Chicky Babe delivers with free range chicken while Hey Ewes! offers a lamb patty. Then there's Pig Out with pork patty, the Royal Blue with blue cheese, and The Jane cheeseburger. Clever burger names.

And the menu keeps on giving with Fitzroy Reuben, High Steaks, BLT, and salads, to name a few other options. As I said, Brother Burger caters for all tastes!


As for The World Loves Melbourne we were in the mood for Hot Stuff, featuring the 100% Wagyu beef patty, double bacon, cheese, house made pickles, mustard-mayo and chilli jam. With jalapenos on the side to regulate your heat...

This was a complete burger with great balance. The patty remained the hero, which we celebrate, as some Melbourne burgers are too sauce driven.

Fries also hit the mark, golden and crunchy with excellent potato flavour. 


Smokey chicken wings looked tempting...


The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed the 3 Ravens Ale and its rich colour. We also noted the Shakes, Alcoholic Shakes and the Wine List.


Brother Burger boasts a decent full bar facility, and you can imbibe at the bar, tables, common large table or outside. Staff greet you at the door and engage you throughout, especially when you have a cool retro camera like me...


Strategy meeting (below)...


Check out the aqua stools above -  from the Green Gully Soccer Club in Keilor Downs (hail the Melbourne quirk). 

Burger and fries in all their glory. The World Loves Melbourne was impressed by this juicy patty of quality meat, excellent bacon and cheese.


Burger Brother loves their boards including a list of beers...


Interesting spaces. We arrived early and the crowd started to build as we left.

The World Loves Melbourne digs this retro common table with floral arrangement.

Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew is a burger joint that we want to return to, to explore the rest of the menu.

Brother Burger ticks the boxes and is well worth a visit. Their website is cool and looks like a potential album cover for The Beatles. Highly recommended.

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