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Mama's Buoi A Vietnamese Revelation

Mama's Buoi is a stunning affordable modern Vietnamese restaurant in the GPO postal laneway near The Emporium, that offers a taste of Vietnam without an overemphasis on pho. Sure the pho is excellent here but co-owner Nam told us they want to feature some of the other delights of Vietnamese cooking. Nam told us Vietnamese food is not just about pho. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to sample the delights of Mama's Buoi.


Mama's Buoi has an attractive fit out in the chic laneway next to GPO. We enjoyed the vintage decor mixed with the modern. Pictures of family adorn the restaurant and menu.


Cold rolls were exceptional to dip in the spicy sauce.


Chicken ribs were a hit at our table, the key being perfectly cooked hot chicken and a killer batter. We enjoyed the Asian herb garnish.


Peking duck pancakes were also popular, with make your own pancakes. A generous amount of duck and thin pancakes were a feature of this dish. Often you receive hoi sin sauce with duck pancakes, and on this occasion the hoi sin sauce came with cashews, chilis and other ingredients in a delightful sauce.


The waiter, who hailed from New York, recommended this vegetarian dish, and it turned out to be the highlight of the night. The sauce was amazing.


Melt in your mouth vegetables in a curry broth.


Skewers are another highlight at Mama's Buoi. Perfectly char cooked meat.


With sticky rice, this was an excellent feast.


Mama's Buoi presents well as a modern Vietnamese restaurant.


The Betel leaf was also full of flavour and so refreshing.


We visited a second time, and this time the duck pancakes were already rolled. 



Mama's Buoi serves up a memorable fried chicken. Golden and juicy.

Mama's Buoi surprised with excellent cocktails, including one with a hint of pho.

Desserts at Mama's Buoi are exceptional including this sago dessert. 

Mama's Buoi is an impressive Vietnamese restaurant in the Melbourne CBD and well worth a visit. Highly recommended.

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