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Tuck Shop Takeaway A Melbourne Burger Giant

Tuck Shop Takeaway is a killer burger joint in the burbs run by Clinton and Katrina Serex and is a contender for Melbourne's best burger. No frills here only quality. Walk in to a retro world of burger charm with quirky decor and sensational burgers, with a dose of staff with character. Nostalgia baby. Check out our article on Best Milkshakes in Melbourne.

Tuck Shop Takeaway was cool about us taking photos but we were in photo shoot overdrive in this fascinating burger haven. Buns on the grill.

Tuck Shop Takeaway staff working hard during the lunch rush. I can imagine it's busy here every day, and we watched as a stack of tradies, hipsters and people of all descriptions made their way in to experience a burger high. Seating is limited but we scored some stools by the window. Staff were engaging, even showing us their tattoos.

Choose between a 100% Beef burger as we did, and the Vegie option. This Beef burger above also featured quality Otway free range bacon and lettuce, onions, tomato, pickles, secret Tuckshop Takeaway sauce, American cheese (plus you can order an egg). How good is it? Surprisingly filling due to the 100% beef pattie and the brioche bun, not to mention the bacon and cheese oozing over the meat. When you bite into the burger you just go "Yes!" and groan.

Juicy goodness with beef pattie cooked to perfection...

Chips at Tuck Shop Takeaway are thrice cooked and were superbly moorish. We thought thrice cooked chips would be "dry as goat's knees" but not so. Crispy and golden on the outside and some tenderness inside. Some of our favourite chips in Melbourne.

Andy the Chef showed us his tattoo of the Melbourne skyline saying he was "showing love to the 3000". The World Loves Melbourne! Dedication to the cause.

Milkshakes are a sensation at Tuck Shop Takeaway including the Salted Fantale Shake below. Deliciously salted with a true fantale taste, evoking childhood memories. Also check out the Nutella, Redskin and Mintie shakes. Cute milk bottle bringing the romance.

Also note the Soda flavours and Kids Corner on the board. The 1950s Creamed Soda looks interesting. Tuck Shop Takeaway also serves up killer jaffles at affordable prices.

Quirk overdrive. Wondering if our homework is in that school locker below...

Tea and Coffee Menu features Single Origins and House Made Hot Chocolate...

Old school radio punching out some tunes above the water fountain.

Principal's Office beckons... Also beckoning are the sweet treats in the cabinet that await our next visit.

Street art on the wall with burger themes gets you going as you approach and reminds you how good it all was as you leave... American references are evident and the burgers are American style. This place is fun and playful but damn good to boot. Even great. A revelation in Melbourne.

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