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Seven Seeds - Shapers of Coffee Culture

Seven Seeds is such a great coffee house and has such an impact on the Melbourne coffee scene. These guys are culture changers.

Amazing to be walking down Berkeley St and suddenly hit this coffee haven. Seems oddly out of place in this neighbourhood. Or is it? With students and hipsters coming from near and far.

Serious coffee devotion here. Mark Dundan has shaped and formed a culture of all things coffee. In fact Seven Seeds has a huge impact on the Melbourne coffee scene. Seven Seeds is not just a café, it’s a hub. An icon in fact. If you ask people of Melbourne to list the top coffee establishments, it often comes back to Seven Seeds.If you mention coffee, the usual question is, “Well, have you been to Seven Seeds?”

Seven Seeds is a roasting centre. It affects the coffee climate of Melbourne big time. They have a fascinating cupping room and the ability to educate the masses about coffee. Coffee is the culture…

Incredible coffee. My latte had great crème, aromas and after taste! Love the alternatives also to espresso. Having a Clover coffee machine is awesome! Seven Seeds provides alternatives to espresso fixated consumers and helps them to widen their tastes.

Come here for great breakfasts. Muesli came interactive with a small bottle of milk to pour - nice touch.

Other breakfast options are excellent including simple toast and boiled eggs and soldiers.

Giving credit to farmers and estates is a great thing. Seven Seeds is socially active and focussed. These guys were forerunners in the creation of specialty coffees and single origins. They have impacted people like myself who ask baristas for “single origin of the day” as if it was second nature.

Often packed with students… Visited with office buddies and with family! Work buddies impressed by the vibe and the quality of food and coffee. And the family loved it here. It’s never too young to educate kids about coffee. Service here is excellent. One of Melbourne's best.