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Temple Brewing and Seasonal Beer Partnership with Royal Mail Hotel

Temple Brewing are satisfying the lust of savvy beer drinkers for seasonal beers in their delightful newest offering of Autumn Lemon Verbena and Pink Peppercorn Wheat Beer. To heighten the sense of seasonality Temple Brewing put together a spectacular long table of fresh seasonal produce at the event. The maestros from Temple Brewing had trekked the 3 hours to Dunkeld to source the verbena from their extensive garden. We weren't sure what verbena was, so it was wonderful to be able to check out fresh verbena at the event. With strong lemon nuances from the verbena, we found the beer to be refreshing. The peppercorn was a perfect balance of flavours adding spice, with neither ingredient dominating. A finely balanced and rewarding beer for autumn.

Temple Brewing provided us with its full range on tap at the event - we started light to dark (as you do). The Autumn Lemon Verbena and Pink Peppercorn Wheat Beer is pictured below. The base is Belgian wheat beer, innovative enough in itself.

Check out the verbena below - a lesson in horticulture as well as beer...

Bottles of the Season's Harvest were displayed alongside the elaborate fresh produce and verbana and peppercorn.

Temple Brewing has an attractive upstairs bar area. With its accesability in East Brunswick it has become a winning brewery destination for beer enthusiasts.

This event was the place to be with beer executives, media, and celebrities present...

Canapes from Royal Mail Hotel were top notch...

Speeches from both Temple Brewing and Royal Mail staff enhanced the occasion, speaking about seasonality and the philosophy of beer and food.

Says the website of the new beer, "It pours pale straw in colour and has a very distinct and welcoming citrus/sherbet aroma from the Lemon Verbena. A smooth and crisp mouth feel is later accompanied by a berry sweetness and finishes with a peppery/earthy warmth. This is an extremely limited release, and besides The Royal Mail Hotel, Temple Brewing Company is the only other venue to have this, get in while you can."

Pork scratchings were a hit with the beer...

A state of the art brewhouse can be seen from the upper level...

A new seasonal beer and a great brewery site in Brunswick East. Get on it.

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