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Mountain Goat Owners at Arbory Bar & Eatery for Good Beer Week


Mountain Goat is a leading craft beer brewer in this country and the World Loves Melbourne was priviledged to be invited to Meet The Owners event at Arbory Bar and Eatery by the Yarra. Meeting Dave Bonighton and Cam Hines was awesome, with these guys the driving force and passion behind the company. Mountain Goat, based in Richmond, have been on the rise and are ever evolving. Good Beer Week with its 250 events allows access to the key people behind the industry and to be able to get access to the owners of craft beer companies like Mountain Goat is exceptional.

Arbory Bar and Eatery has been hugely popular since it opened and has transformed the Yarra precinct in a creative and wonderful way, serving smart affordable cuisine and hosting creative events.

Mountain Goat have released an amazing Barley Wine Beer at nearly 13% alcohol. This beer is infused with whisky nuances from storage in old whisky barrels from Lark Distillery in Tasmania that send this brew into the stratosphere. Only a limited amount of Barley Wine bottles are available, and if you can get your hands on some don't hesitate. For us it was like a beer whisky crossover. The whisky taste is strong but not overpowering and smoky flavours shine through. This is a cracking beer, and a definite winter warmer. The World Loves Melbourne loves the large 750ml bottle perfect for sharing with friends (or not).

Arbory Bar and Eatery is a magical location for any event with river and city backdrop. Having purchased a smoker we enjoyed Flinders Island Wallaby off the BBQ served with Potato salad and Coleslaw. A perfect match with the beer. We also enjoyed hanging with Daniel Manly and Nick Bennett from Arbory.

Mountain Goat has released its North St Pale Ale at 5.2% alcohol on tap at Arbory Eatery and Bar. The World Loves Melbourne was impressed with this smart crisp extra hops Pale Ale.

Talking with Dave from Mountain Goat, they are about drinking less but better. We think once you enjoy a couple of these craft beers you'll be hooked. In America craft beers now have about 11% of the market according to Dave, while the figure here is more like 4%. The trend is for craft beers to gain more market share and the scene is growing here. 

We also imbibed the Mountain Goat Stout, another satisfying winter warmer... Also on tap at Arbory Bar and Eatery.

With the craft beer flowing we were also keen on more of the smoky meats from Arbory Bar and Eatery. The Adelaide Hills Kransky with Potato Salad and Coleslaw was also a winner, the sausage displaying those BBQ flavours.

Mountain Goat is a great story since Dave started brewing his own beer in his backyard in the 1990s. Introduced to Cam who was ex music industry, they decided to start a microbrewery in Melbourne. Having no money they started out with contract brewing. The beer must have been good because thie business has grown exponentially and is still 100% independent. Mountain Goat beer continues to be highly awarded. Get on it.