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Luxembourg In Offal Overdrive


Luxembourg is a unique French inspired Melbourne destination which hits the heights with European style and fine dining offal offerings. The World Loves Melbourne has always been a fan of offal and was keen to sample the wares of joint owners Andrew McConnell (Cutler & Co, Cumulus Inc., Supernormal) and Chris Watson (ex Cutler & Co). With a part Scottish heritage there's a penchant for haggis. and then we don't mind kidneys and lambs brains for our indulgence. So it was like hitting the jackpot at Luxembourg where offal is given a stately reverence. We were here for a convivial Zomato catch up with other bloggers.

Luxembourg impressed with Potato skins served on a silver dish with a rich centre of creamy whipped cod roe and topped with avruga and chopped chives.  Maybe this is a kind of nouveau nod to fish and chips as the combination of cod roe and crispy potato is compelling. Crunchy, soft, light, creamy; it's all happening.

The intrigue continued at Luxembourg with a huge jar of Fois gras parfait, Madeira jelly and serving of brioche. Another rich and indulgent dish, we imbibed the fois gras, perfect with buttery brioche. Again, served on a silver tray.

We also enjoyed stuffed olives and Pacific oysters to start.

Conviviality Central with bloggers telling tales and sharing dreams... (Well sort of...)

Sourdough in a sack...

Watching eyes...

Spectacular is the Bone marrow, parsley salad, grilled bread. When eating a roast I always like to consume the marrow. When it comes to the fatty bits, we like to indulge. Again, this is a rich and rewarding dish.

Luxembourg's Head Chef Chris Watson gave us the history and philosophy of the restaurant.

Luxembourg was on an offal roll and the Tripe, nduja and chickpea gratin hit the mark. Rustic and flavour filled. Those who suffer from gout may wish to boost their medication before imbibing the degustation at Luxembourg.

So far, there were not your average Melbourne dishes. Silk purse from a sow's ear, green sauce was in keeping with the rich offal theme. Crispy with a slice of lemon to add zest this was a personal favourite for The World Loves Melbourne.

One of the few familiar dishes on this offal odyssey was this fresh tangy salad...

Wine was a high point including the MV Le Temp des Cerises Un Pas Cote Merlot blend, Languedoc France.

Luxembourg thrilled with dessert but as I had a car situation I had to leave into the night. Thanks to Zomato and Luxembourg. On a high from my offal overdrive...

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