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Introducing Culinary Cow Food Subscription Service

Culinary Cow recently launched their food subscription service and The World Loves Melbourne sampled 4 of their delicious meals for 2. The driver delivered the food fresh to our door and we were able to experience their ever popular Beef Sliders, Peking Duck Lettuce Cups, Mussels with Chilli, Garlic and Tomato Sauce and Angel Hair Pasta with Tuna, Chilli and Rocket.
As I write this article the aroma of fresh hamburger mince and onions are wafting from the kitchen for the Beef Sliders. While the recipe is for 2 burgers we were able to extract 4 from the amount of hamburger mince. Every part of the meal is wrapped with care and well thought out...
The World Loves Melbourne notes the trends of sustainability, convenience, nutrition and affordability in the rise of food subscription services. Culinary Cow ticks the boxes in this regard.
Growing up in Tasmania, for as long as he can remember, owner Alex Cowles has enjoyed a passion for sustainable, delicious, simple and easy food. This passion (and a relocation to Melbourne) led to the creation of Culinary Cow, which has recently opened after roughly 18 months of blood, sweat and tears.
The business is a food subscription service providing customers exact amounts of fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients that are delivered to a customer’s door.  Each amount aligns with the Culinary Cow recipes service, also delivered or found through their menu. They also offer wine pairings with each meal. This idea is soon to be transformed into customers being able to purchase specific wines to be delivered with their recipes. They are in contact with some local winemakers and are hoping to have that become a reality soon.
We enjoyed our burgers!
The Culinary Cow service offers a la carte choices, giving the customer far more variety and flexibility. They also have their larger "plan" boxes, for example a 3 meals for 6 people or a 3 meals for 4 people box.
You receive detailed recipes from Culinary Cow as pictured above. We had our family involved in the cooking process - the recipes are clear, fun and simple to follow.
Culinary Cow are striving to offer a full culinary experience while still hoping to maintain a level of quirkiness and fun in how they go about creating and providing the meals. 
The Culinary Cow main goal – and point of difference – is their commitment to a long-term sustainable approach. The business model, by working towards exact diners at every meal, ensures far less food waste. People only order what they want and get what they need. 
Culinary Cow is committed to sustainability through their packaging. They have created a short-term cool box using ice packs and air compression bags in cardboard boxes. Where others are using polystyrene (and giving the environment the middle finger), Culinary Cow are using recyclable brown cardboard boxes. 
Culinary Cow's long-term aim is to grow their sustainability approach to product sourcing. They currently curate our own herb garden and plan on growing that to a vegie patch and then more. Check them out!