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All About Lobster in August at Stamford Plaza Melbourne


The World Loves Melbourne was invited to Harry's Restaurant and Bar in Stamford Plaza to experience All about lobster in August, where Stamford Plaza will serve afforable lobster dishes to diners throughout August. David and Zoe from The World Loves Melbourne ate our fill of lobster on a cold winter's day. Our belief is that seafood is a winter, not just summer affair.


Executive Chef Ketan Seth is taking diners on a journey of mouthwatering lobster dishes throughout August at Stamford Plaza in Little Collins St.


The Stamford Plaza is already well known for their Magnificent Seven Burgers; with many regulars visiting for their signature burgers. While we dined we observed corporate groups enjoying the Stamford Plaza burgers on offer.



Delightful burger.



We were served up the Grilled Slipper Lobster Burger to begin our meal, a delightful and substantial burger with lobster hit and refreshing salad flavours. Not to mention a smart bowl of golden fries.



We then enjoyed the other lunch special, the Slipper Lobster with Ricotta Ravioli. This was a rustic dish, again with a hit of lobster. Along with the ricotta this was a rich filling inside the ravioli, all the more to enjoy with a glass of 2009 Barossa Shiraz. The parcels of ravioli were large and rewarding, along with the accompaniments of cherry tomato, mushroom, lemon and mint.



For a third dish we enjoyed a Bar dish of Char Grilled Lobster with chilli, lime, sweet potato chips and garlic mayo. This was a generous dish for a bar dish; with the large amount of sweet potato chips and mayo as well as the lobster, it was like two bar dishes in one.



By now we were filled up on lobster and satisfied.


Executive Chef Ketan Seth was engaging and  proud of the food at Stamford Plaza. The World Loves Melbourne thinks it's perfect for say office workers, to enjoy a dish of lobster during lunch or after work, at affordable prices. Or indeed for couple on a night out.


Stamford Kitchen 1


We recommend visiting Stamford Plaza for affordable tasty lobster fare in August!


The lobster dishes will be included in the bar, lunch and dinner menu from the 1st of August 2015.



Grilled Slipper Lobster Burger
Avocado & onion rings, tomato, rocket salad, tomato relish, aioli & fries

Slipper Lobster with Ricotta Ravioli
Cherry tomato, mushroom, lemon & mint


Char Grilled Slipper Lobster

Chilli, lime, sweet potato chips & garlic mayonnaise


Grilled Slipper Lobster with Slow Braised ‘Otway’ Pork Belly

Crackling mushy minted peas & raisin pork jus

Thai ‘Dry’ Red Curry of Slipper Lobster
Grilled Thai eggplant, Thai basil cooked in coconut cream