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Launch of The Huxtaburger Book (The Art and Science of the Perfect Burger)


Daniel Wilson chef extraordinaire and the driving force behind the success of Huxtaburger, has launched The Huxtaburger Book (The Art and Science of The Perfect Burger).

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the launch where bloggers cooked up their favourite Huxtaburger burgers in the kitchen with Daniel Wilson.

To quote Daniel Wilson,

"The Huxtaburger book examines the elements that make up the ultimate burger: the perfect squishy bun; a pickle that has just the right amount of tang and crunch; the exact quantity of mayo and ketchup to deliver maximum flavour without over-powering the burger; and the ultimate wagyu beef pattie that’s meaty, juicy and umami-intense. Modern-day junk food elevated to the sublime by Daniel Wilson’s chef sensibilities." 

The World Loves Melbourne has been a vocal fan of Huxtaburger since it began. The burgers are amazing for such affordability. We've always been fans of the balance of the burger, the quality of the buns, the tang of the sauce, the sheer quality of the meat pattie, and the overwhelming juiciness factor. We can say we've eated loads of Huxtaburger burgers. And our favourite? The Theo!

You can now create your favourite burgers at home! Daniel Wilson gives the back story of Huxtaburger with detailed recipes and illustrations (not all chefs would be prepared to do this), spreading the burger love...

Publisher Hardie Grant has come on board with Huxtaburger, and it's easy to get a copy of the book online - for the cost of a couple of burgers it's a great read (and gift). Get on it.