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Setting the stage for dinner party galore


It all started when the notion of ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner?’  More Australians are inviting guests around for a ‘Come and dine with me’ experience that is creative, fun and social. The dinner party scene has risen to new heights, following the popularity of the television show that was originally from ITV Studios in the UK. Other popular food shows such as Master Chef and the rise of celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver has reignited an interest in the dinner party scene across Australia. In major cities, we are finding many Melbournites lining up at several dining tables in Melbourne to enjoy a fun-filled experience. The dinner party doesn’t need to be conventional as it was in the old sense. The experience can lead us to meet and network with people that introduce a new dynamic into our lives. And whilst the scoring of food isn’t official, the night will be something to remember. So, how can you create a dinner party event that will wow your guests and leave them wanting to come back for more? Here are a few tips below.

Start with the basics - Good food.

There is the old saying that goes ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ This saying is not strictly for men. Rather, people bond well over good food. Good food can evoke emotion and inspiration. It touches the senses and recreates memories or creates new vivid images. So to make your event go off with a bang, prepare dishes that you know you can master. It is important to know what dishes you can master. Don’t try to get over creative and to go completely outside of your boundaries. Rather stick to what you are good at and feel free to make tweaks that will enhance the flavour or the taste of your food.

First impressions last, so make sure your presentation makes an impact!

They say people eat with their eyes as well as with their mouths. First impressions do count. When you are presenting your dish, pay attention to detail with the way you are ‘plating’ the food to enhance the expectations of your diners. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the venue (which is your home in this case) should offer a sense of comfort and take them away to a new experience!

Play around with themes.

When it comes to having a dinner party, you need to have a reason for people to attend. The reason doesn’t always have to be important or to represent a milestone. But it does need to offer an incentive for the people to come. People are often looking to experience something different. Dress up themes are popular as they bring an interesting dynamic to the occasion and create an initial talking point for people. Alternatively, themed challenges or games throughout the night such as a James Bond or cocktail evening can also provide a bit of fun.

Inject a sense of humour into your night.

People are there to have fun. And whether it is by playing games, telling stories or participating in banter, people will want to come away from the evening knowing that they had a good laugh and that they feel great after all is said and done.

Dinner parties are a great way to play hard after working hard. Outside, the streets always seem to be alive with the buzz of live entertainment, sports and the general excitement that the city has in store for both locals and tourists. Melbournites are no stranger to it in the home as well. When it comes to hosting a dinner party, it is simply about ticking the right boxes to make sure everyone is having a good time. So give dinner parties a go and enjoy yourself with a nice evening of food, drinks and good company.