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Two Birds One Stone - Cafe Class on Claremont

Two Birds One Stone is a fabulous modern chic cafe in elegant South Yarra. This cafe is brought to us by the same people as Three Bags Full, APTE etc who understand how a great cafe works. And yet they inject a fresh concept with Two Birds One Stone a standout cafe. 

Claremont street is becoming an awesome gourmet destination, of course just off sublime Toorak Road.

I love the concept of the name. Killing two birds with one stone is a great saying and a great achievement if you can do it. I felt my visit was like a stone that killed the coffee bird and the gourmet breakfast bird. Then again it also killed the connection bird as I met with my old school friend. In fact that was the highlight. Then I guess it also killed the blogging bird. So I killed 4 birds with a single visit. Man I feel good.

Some cafes are warm and inviting. Two Birds One Stone appeals with its spaciousness, pleasant outlook through large windows, multi eating areas including fabulous booths and small tables, or indeed the large communal table. All decor is modern and chic including the awesome hanging plants as a backdrop behind the baristas, the funky lighting, the white panelled walls, and the massive artwork featuring what I would describe as smudged trees. The cooll floral arrangements and mosaic cement floor also rate a mention.

Actually the hanging pots echoes a trend I've seen recently of the urban garden. Two Birds One Stone has great treatment of timber including awesome timber frames.

Friendly engaging staff take your order and make recommendations. Super friendly and helpful.

You know a cafe is from great pedigree when you realise every menu item is a crowd pleaser. No duds. I've already been there twice within a week, the second time with an old school friend who is a Melbourne foodie. He was impressed, as was I. We felt overwhelmed by great menu options.

Breakfast options include the Eggs Benedict with house smoked ham. This is a real winner with eggs cooked to perfection and intense taste and quality of the house smoked ham. The bernaise sauce was a class act and not too creamy or dominant. This was my eggs benedict of the year. Maybe I just killed another bird.

Or try the French Toast or Cod and Potato Fritters.

The second time I visited Two Birds One Stone my friend and I both enjoyed the Two Birds menu option with that killer Pork chilli and fennel sausage, not to mention quality mushrooms and bacon, perfectly cooked poached eggs, tomato, spinach and a superb tomato relish.

For those who like the idea of the big breakfast this is a great gourmet version. It has a bit of kick with that sausage and the relish.

I was recommended the Vegie option with eggs, haloumi, mushrooms, avocado, spinach, house smoked corn and relish. But I wanted to try that pork and fennel sausage.

Next time I'd be keen to try their Baked Beans with haloumi.

Lunch may include a Black Angas Steak or an Open Chicken Sandwich, or even a charred Corn and Zucchini Fritter.

Coffee here is also excellent and I've been impressed by the standard on the four cups I've enjoyed so far. The Synesso is working overtime as I've noticed a fair crowd at Two Birds One Stone by 7.30am. Two Birds One Stone roast some of their own coffee and get some from Five Senses.

There is also an impressive selection of cakes and pastries.

Two Birds One Stone exudes confidence and rightly so. Its a great foodie destination and an excellent addition to the South Yarra precinct.