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Altair - One of The Best Breakfast Experiences in Melbourne

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Tired of same old breakfast options in Melbourne? Altair Restaurant in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne serves up one of the best breakfast dishes in Melbourne.

We at The World Loves Melbourne love our "Melbourne breakfasts" but sometimes get tired of the same old choices across menus. Smashed avocado "rocks", but we see renditions of it everywhere. We get inspired where there's innovative breakfast choices that are flavoursome and creative. At Altair you can enjoy a more traditional breakfast if you desire - including the ability to order toast and 2 eggs and "Build your own breakfast" with the engaging sides such as $3 each for tomato, English spinach, hollandaise, mushrooms, shaved ham or $4 each for smoked salmon, bacon, black pudding.

But the savvy comes in a series of innovative joyful breakfast dishes that rise from the common and the mundane. And for a menu that boasts sophistication, The World Loves Melbourne considers the prices to be more than reasonable.

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Altair Restaurant is a cheery and stylish restaurant with a touch of class, that boasts kitchen brilliance from Kelvin Shaw and warm and knowledgeable hospitality from partner Michelle Shaw the Manager, as well as her fine team. There's something about the pride and passion of owner operators.

In line with the precinct the use of textures and timbers at Altair is first class. Nestled in leafy Warrandyte there's a charm of the precinct with its passion for arts and it's stunning leafy location by the Yarra. (You may even want to go for a stroll after breakfast).

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Black pudding! The World Loves Melbourne is partial to Black pudding and the Black pudding, white sausage, streaky bacon with Altair HP sauce on red wine rye bread excites. This house made black pudding has the right amount of "kick" and moisture (we hate a dry black pudding). The portion of Black pudding is generous and combined wonderfully with the high quality streaky bacon. The white sausage and poached egg make this a hearty gourmet breakfast. The World Loves Melbourne considers this a well rounded breakfast, and one of the best "black pudding" breakfasts in Melbourne. Kudos to owner chef Kelvin Shaw.

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Altair also excites with it's popular Pickled ox tongue with pear and kohlrabi remoulade on toasted sourdough. The pickled ox tongue is delicious, that even the kids were scrambling for more. Thin tasty slices of moorish pickled ox tongue, with the refreshing zesty pear and kohlrabi to complement. We think this is art on a plate (like most of Altair's dishes).

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Altair backs up its fine breakfast menu with excellent coffee...

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The House smoked salmon, soft boiled egg, fish roe "Fairy Bread" brioche is another innovative and popular breakfast dish that ticks all the boxes. Altair is known for its house made dishes (such as the black pudding) and the house made smoked salmon is superb in itself. Combine the salmon with perfectly cooked soft boiled egg for a superb runny oozy hit. The fish roe is a more adult taste that adds sophistication, taste and texture to the dish.

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Warrandyte has its charm and this is reflected in the decor at Altair Restaurant; sit back and imbibe...

A surprise was the Egg Flip; a decadent adult version with bacon and white truffle. We're also keen to try the Five grain porridge which also has a gin component of cumquat and gin marmalade and macadamia granola. We hear a nip of gin is not out of the question.

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Breakfast at Altair Restaurant is highly recommended for it's class, innovation, style and warmth. Get on it.