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Re-fuel at BP for McGrath Foundation

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The World Loves Melbourne likes to get behind great community causes. Visiting so many cafes and restaurants and heady events can seem somewhat hedonistic. But we are passionate about promoting causes like Breast Cancer Awareness. October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Australia, a time when the nation unites as one to support those faced with breast cancer, and to consolidate its efforts in raising vital funds to combat the disease.

With goal to fund new McGrath Breast Care Nurse every year, BP is donating percentage of all fuel sales up until Sunday 9th October, giving BP customers the opportunity to also make difference to hundreds of Australians when they refuel.

So we ourselves are participating by refuelling our Honda CRV with BP fuel, all to help the McGrath Foundation and release more nurses for Breast Care. The McGrath Foundation is one of the most respected charities in the country and they do amazing work. McGrath Breast Care Nurses help families by providing invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. The Foundation currently has 110 BreastCare Nurses working in metro, regional and rural communities right across the country, with this support provided free of charge. How incredible is that! For a non-government body, it has been a stellar rise and needs to keep going!

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Of course we frequent BP petrol stations for filling up petrol but also those "on the go" food and grocery needs. BP has been loyal partner and supporter of the McGrath Foundation since 2013, providing the organisation with more than million dollars which has gone towards funding vital McGrath Breast Care Nurses, and making life easier for patients and families who experience breast cancer.  We appreciate the fact corporates like BP can "give back" and get involved in such worthy community causes.

It’s this initiative that drives the idea of Australia’s Most Powerful Fuel - the fuel’s power stems from the courage and compassion of the community; the nurses of McGrath, the people of BP and its customers. It brings breast cancer patients and their families together with McGrath  nurses. So good.  

As a cricketer myself who played at a reasonable level, I idolised Glenn McGrath growing up and was deeply saddened by the passing of Jane McGrath. To see what Glenn and others have achieved since then in the McGrath Foundation is nothing short of remarkable. 

BP is offering all Australians the opportunity to make a difference each time they refuel. And let's face it we all need to refuel our cars (unless we are cycling or catching public transport all the time). We encourage our readers to make a choice to refuel at BP and make a difference!  

Throughout October, BP is supporting the McGrath Foundation with the aim to fund a new McGrath Breast Care Nurse every year. So this campaign is not a "one off" but an ongoing commitment to a great cause. The cost of a nurse runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to support. A portion of all fuel sales up until Sunday 9 October will be donated to the McGrath Foundation in a bid to fund a vital McGrath Breast Care Nurse. And that's the point - it's not just a bonus to have extra nurses but it's vital care.

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This is the fourth year that BP has supported the McGrath Foundation and during this time, has raised over $1million for the McGrathFoundation. A significant amount of money.

Breast Cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed for women across the country. We feel deep empathy and most of us have encountered or know someone affected by cancer and breast cancer. It's great that BP will be donating a portion of all fuel sales during the first week of October to the McGrath Foundation.

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BP is alsoraising awareness of the McGrath Foundation and encouraging donations from customers. All BP customers need to do to get involved is fill up at their local BP service station during the first week of October. Not only that, throughout the campaign, customers can get involved by donating to the McGrath Foundation with their fuel or shop purchase. Check out the purchase options above to even further add to the McGrath Foundation donations. Get on it!