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Grow A Mo, Save A Bro in Movember

Grow a Mo in Movember! All over the world men are stepping out in November (Movember) to grow a moustache, some will be bushy and others thin, but all for a good cause! Get your facial hair on! The Movember Foundation is a global movement raising funds and awareness for men's health, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. The World Loves Melbourne is on board to "grow a Mo" ourselves.

We need to stop men dying too young before their time - and this is the perfect charity to get the message out. We want to stop prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. We're taking action and we need your support. Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing a health crisis that isn't been talked about.

Movember actually started in Australia 13 years ago when a group of friends attempted to revive the moustache. This action had such a reaction that they decided to use the concept for good and for charity to impact men's health. It's amazing to think that Movember is now in 21 countries and has raised a massive $770 million! Independent of government funding and in the 13 years they've invested in more than 1,200 men's health projects around the world.

Men's challenge

We can do something about men's health - grow your Mo to raise funds. Grow a Mo, save a bro! This November grow a Mo, or publically challenge someone to do it to raise awareness for men's health.

How to Grow A Moustache

A moustache doesn't just happen - you need to commit! One approach is to let all your facial hair grow out for a while - e.g. say first couple of weeks of Movember. Then grab a moustache trimmer (or even some shavers have a trimmer) and attempt to shave off the hair from the rest of your face to leave the moustache. This will ensure a thick moustache from the beginning.

How to Trim A Moustache

We recommend a trimmer and are a bit scared around scissors, although a barber does a professional job. A good hack is to comb through the moustache first for a more exact trim. Cut your moustache while you're facial hair is dry not wet. We advise keeping the moustache cut just above the line of the top lip (facial hair growing over the lip can be tardy). We like some stubble on the face along with our moustache.

Movember 1

Women's challenge

And now women are included - take the Move challenge and beat your personal best. Move is whatever you make it: from the big (racing to the top of the tallest peak around, riding a certain number of kilometres for 30 days) to the brave (facing the fear of learning how to surf) to the slightly outrageous (working out in costume, a workplace table tennis tournament, etc.).

Join the fight for men’s health – sign up at

Get your friends, family or your workplace on board. Spread the word, start a conversation and raise money vital for men’s health programs. Have fun, do good.

Men’s health is in trouble

Our fathers, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Most of us men don't like to talk about these things. No worries - she'll be right.

Men are dying too young, before their time and for no good reason. There is the potential for prevention. 

All men are important. They all deserve to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

8 disturbing facts on Men's Health in Australia

  1. On average, men die around four years younger than women
  2. 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85
  3. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men aged 15 – 44 years
  4. On average, 6 men each day take their own life
  5. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men
  6. More than 3,300 men with prostate cancer will die in 2016
  7. Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer, behind skin cancers, in young men aged 18 – 39 years
  8. 36 years old is the average age of a man diagnosed with testicular cancer.

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How to get involved

Stop men dying too young. Join the fight for men’s health. Sign up at


About the Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity solely focused on men’s health. We raise funds that deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support programs to enable men to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Awareness and fundraising activities are run year-round by the Foundation, with the annual Movember campaign in November being globally recognised for its fun, disruptive approach to fundraising and getting men to take action for their health.

Since Movember started in Melbourne in 2003, millions have joined the movement, raising $770 million and funding more than 1,200 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention.