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Best Hot Dog In Melbourne

Where are the best hot dogs in Melbourne? Melbourne had a hot dog renaissance - which took a dip when several hot dog joint closed - but is now back baby! The humble dog is becoming again a gourmet sensation. No longer are we subject to cheap bread and nasty sausages but gourmet sausages, fresh soft buns and great fillings. We note some of the popular burger joints also have great hot dog offerings moreso than just specialised hot dog joints.

We are searching Melbourne for the best hot dog. Here we feature Three One 2 One, 8bit, Munich Brauhaus and Massive Wieners. We are saddened that Grandstand Hot Dogs in Fed Square, Phat Brats and Dognation are now closed.

Three One 2 One - Richmond

Three One 2 One is a top notch burger and hot dog joint in Richmond in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The burgers here are amazing, but we're here to talk about hot dogs. Check out this pimped up Loaded Dog (image Three One 2 One Insta). Servings here are generous and there's always plenty of action in terms of the menu - they never stand still. 

 HotDogs 1

8 Bit - Footscray and various locations

8-bit also hit the spot with excellent burgers but don't underestimate their amazing hot dogs. Both the 8-bit dog and the Wonder Boy featured a smoked frank! I drool writing about this. Images 8 bit Insta.

HotDogs 2

HotDogs 3

Munich Brauhaus - Docklands

Munich Brauhaus is a german style powerhouse in Docklands known as much for its fun as for its food. If you're not eating a massive pork knuckle then get onto their hot dog loaded and ready to go. Image Munich Brauhaus Insta.

HotDogs 4

Massive Wieners - 226 Chapel St Prahran

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Massive Wieners is a fabulous hot dog purveyor in Prahran with superior product and excellent price point. Image above Massive Weiners Insta. Having tried many hot dog places around Melbourne this is still my favourite. These are great hot dogs that actually provide a decent feed and at a reasonable price. Massive dogs for $6 compared to some other places where you leave hungry and pay around $10. They are about (at time of writing) to launch the Massive Wieners version of the McMuffin for a new breakfast menu.

It's hard to write anything about Massive Wieners without referring to the name - which obviously raises a smile. Nonetheless these guys are serious about hot dogs.

The flagship store is in trendy Chapel St (this review was from nearby Greville St days). 

There's a sense of fun and conviviality around Massive Wieners and this is mainly fuelled by fun loving guys Dave Brennan and Liam Magee. 

Drop into their Chapel St eatery and be entertained by their infectious customer service and the odd story or two. They are passionate about what they do and behind the humour is a seriously good product.

Classic is that they wear bow ties and white shirts - it's a sense of occasion when you visit.

I'm impressed by the Chilli Dog with great chilli filling with beans. Top notch.

I was also there when the boys fronted up to Melbourne Central in their pressed white shirts and bow ties looking like angels. It was part of a challenge and a tie in with Channel 10 show The Living Room. 

(All the way through this article I'm wanting to spell Wiener as Weimer because I'm used to using the term Weimer in European History - ie Weimer Republic. Maybe with the growing success of their Prahran business these guys might form a Wiener Republic).

I had an encounter with Massive Wieners on the day they brought their wares to Melbourne Central. I couldn't believe that here was their stand right in front of me with Massive Wieners being sold for a reduced price of $4. Happy days! Having just had a massive bowl of pasta for lunch didn't stop me from ordering a Classic Wiener.

The television crew buzzing around the lads is testament that these guys and Massive Wieners are making a huge impression.

The Classic Weiner is about a foot long and is a contender for best hot dog in Melbourne. It's a classic tailor made pork wiener. The long sausage extends way beyond the quality bread. It comes with great mustard and sauce, some quality cheese (what is this cheese? tasty not heavy) and diced white onions. And I also got some jalapenos for some extra kick.

In Prahran you can get the Chilli Wiener, the Kraut Wiener and yes, a Soy Wiener vegetarian option.


For mine a great hot dog has quality ingredients and some kick, and has the ability to fill you up. And the pricing should be reasonable - these guys deliver on all fronts for a $6 hot dog.

Massive Wieners also offers options of 'Average Joe' being 6 inches and the 'Little Pecker' of 3 inches.

A great innovation has been the challenge for the hall of fame - those that can eat a 63.5cm hot dog. Many have tried and failed. Some have succeeded.

 Massive Wieners 226 Chapel St Prahran - Food 9 Ambience 8.5