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Interview with Sarah Stone Music

The World Loves Melbourne recently conducted an exclusive interview with YouTube sensation and Melbourne-based Australian artist Sarah Stone. Here is our interview -

TWLM: Tell us about your YouTube channel: 

Sarah: I started my channel back in 2007 but never officially uploaded content till April 2011. YouTube for me was predominately a fun recreational place to find home made media and i could have never imagined would it would grow into in the following years.
I have been apart of this incredible journey and have watched YouTube grow from a personal database to a completely open and public domain where people let strangers into their lives and document their experiences. This for a lot of YouTubers is now more than a video sharing platform. It's their life and their full time business. 

My channel is a place where i can share my love and passion for live performance in an online capacity. All of my covers are filmed in one take and I feel that this has become my differentiation between other Musician YouTubers on the platform. Seeing my channel grow in such a short time from 50,000 subscribers only a few years ago to just shy of 300,000 is incredible. To be able to connect with people on an intimate level that is the furthest thing from intimate is rather bizarre but provides an insight into the future of content and it's connection with fans. 

TWLM: Do You Have Your Own Recording Set Up? 

Sarah: I have been really fortunate to be able to work out of home and develop a studio space to creative, develop and edit my videos. I would love to eventually move into a bigger studio space with other creators so we can collaborate on projects but for now, this set up works great for me. I make all of my content independently so i really don't need much at the end of the day. I like to keep my content really raw and real and i feel that comes across in my videos. I guess it's my way of showing my fans that you don't need a huge budget to do what you love. If you just persevere and work with what you have, it will happen for you. And I think viewers appreciate that realness. 

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TWLM: What have you been doing in the last 12 months and what is in store for the future? 

Sarah: The last year has been super crazy for me. I have attempted to immerse myself in the more business side of my project and really focus on being more involved in the community. My partnership with Optus and Nova FM was a huge highlight for me giving me the opportunity to travel to Dublin, London and Dubai as part of the Nova Red Room Global Tour. Having the opportunity to perform in Dubai was the first time I was able to see first hand where all of my efforts with YouTube has gotten me. It's very easy to close yourself off to the reality that there are real people out there who know you exist in a job that is completely digital and in a way, anti social from the real world. I have also worked with some great companies such as iHeart Radio in an ambassador role and am really looking forward to taking part in Fanfest AU which is a YouTube initiative later this year for it's first ever show in Melbourne. 

The future for Sarah Stone is looking really exciting with lots of new opportunities and community based events in the works. I am also looking forward to launching my own Merch this year starting off with the roll out of Sarah Stone Music X Modify Watches that will be released this month. One of my main focuses now is the launch of my second single 'Wasted On You' that is a follow up to my premiere single "Lungs" that was released earlier this year. 

TWLM: Tell us about your single Lungs and what you are working on with your original music aside from YouTube? 

Sarah: My single Lungs was a long process in the making. I've always loved writing but never thought I would get the opportunity to work in a studio to bring this song to life. My amazing band has been such a supporter of this project and I am really thankful for their patience through it all. I find songwriting really therapeutic and Lungs especially was a really personal song that I feel was also really relatable about rising above everything that holds you down in life. The whole process really gave me a drive to involve myself more in songwriting and collaborating with other musicians. I would love to be able to independently write and record my own album one day but I think that is still a little while away. For now, I'm just going to keep on pushing my upcoming release and stay focused on all of my personal goals. Everything else usually finds a way to fall into place when the time is right. 


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