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Exciting Arts Exhibitions Coming to Lulu Cafe and Gallery

Lulu Cafe and Gallery is a fabulous arts and dining destination in Melbourne, and has an exciting arts program to add to its stunning cafe/restaurant offerings. The World Loves Melbourne has enjoyed some fabulous experiences at Lulu; this is not a formulaic venue but exudes chic and passion and does things in a unique way. 

The food offerings are standout, serving breakfast lunch and dinner, with a superb courtyard popular with many. The ability to imbibe food, music and art sets Lulu apart. Lulu Gallery has some exciting upcoming exhibitions including - 


Art Fix - March 

Travelling Home 

Art fix has gathered over 75 visual artists and poets from 20 countries, to explore the ideas of Home and Travel by the contrasts that intimately links them together. The exhibition will follow the previous Art Fix events, as featured in Canada : bringing art together!

For the opening of the exhibition the public will also enjoy live music and spoken word performances in order to bring the visitors into an immersive experience.

Opening Night Thursday March 2nd from 6pm
Exhibition runs March 2 to March 12
75 International artists from over 20 countries
All art items for sale
Fee: $8 at the door

Our contemporary society is shaped by a flux of information and people. Travelers, migrants, refugees...most of us don't belong to only one unique identity, we belong in different origins and places.

“We all travel away to find ourselves in someone else’s home, we travel to find the unknown within ourselves to feel at home”

The exhibition will run from the opening night on Thursday March 2nd to Sunday, March 12th, and will showcase a wide variety of artworks and poetry. 
From landscape to captured memories, the concept of Travel will also be presented with lyrical and fantastic artworks to bring us to wonderful and unknown places. Social issues about migrants, homeless or refugees will also be part of the exhibition's journey.

Then these ideas will be linked with representations of Home following a self-investigation : what makes a home? Is it our morning coffee, the couch and the cat? The place where we were born, or the one we decide to settle down? Is it spiritual or real, unique or plural… 
All these questions will lead to reflection about our daily lives. The understanding of our world leads back to travel, like a closed circle: We often need detachment by traveling to reach awareness of the world we're living in.

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Shit Gardens of Melbourne - March 30 - Apr 1
The boys are returning to Lulu Gallery for a second season of Shit Gardens of Melbourne after a smash hit last year! Some describe thi sexhibition as the "Alt-Version" of the Melbourne Garden Show. While the Melbourne Garden Show is for some, don't spend $28 for a ticket at the corporate Melbourne Garden Show - come to the free "Shit Gardens of Melbourne Exhibition in North Melbourne and see some Real Melbournian Gardens".  It was a big success last year with about 100+ attendees on opening night and so much fun!
 LuluArtEx 6
Lulu has booked the 3 day exhibition with an opening night Thurs Mar 30th 2017.
The exhibition is in the upstairs two gallery rooms Fri-Sat-Sun with  a pop-up Shit Garden bar in the backyard!

MUJERES, Frida y Vida - April
(WOMEN, Frida and life) Nicol Claroni, from LUM (Lucca Underground Movement) in Tuscany Italy, presents her personal interpretation of the inspirational power of Frida Kahlo’s life on a modern Italian woman. Nicol’s photographs, in addition to the reflective artwork of Nicoletta Solinas and a mesmerising video from Marella Pomponio, combine to make this exhibition a truely memorable experience.
Details - Free Exhibition - Photographs for sale
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Females and Felines - May
Lulu Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of stunning drawings and paintings by Melbourne artist, Lillyana Antoneavic. Lillyana’s theme for this exhibition are the graceful, elegantly toned, yet powerful female and feline forms. 

Details : - Free Exhibition - Artworks of pencil & ink and graphite on paper and oil and acrylic paint on canvas - All artworks are for sale.

LuluArtEx 3 

All About Egon - June
An introduction to the artwork of the Austrian prodigy and Expressionist painter, Egon Schiele (b1890 - d1918). For the first time in Australia, Lulu Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of lithographs of Egon Schiele’s artwork. These lithographs have been produced in the last few years exclusively in the workshop of France Art Diffusion Gallery in Paris, on an original 1910 lithographic press. France Art Diffusion has produced these lithographs in limited addition,under licence from several major museums, including the Leopold Museum in Vienna.
Details : - Free Exhibition - Limited edition Lithographs for sale 
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