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Interview - MOZI's Latest Collaboration with RMIT

Australia’s favourite lifestyle brand MOZI teamed up with some of the nation’s best budding design talent to create a playful window installation at MOZI’s Melbourne Central store in October. Working with leading creative institution RMIT, final year Visual Merchandising students were invited to collaborate with MOZI’s design team on a vibrant visual display to celebrate the launch of MOZI’s upcoming summer range, Gelato.
“MOZI has long been aware of RMIT’s fantastic reputation for excellence in visual merchandising and we are excited about the opportunity to work with a group of talented students to bring Gelato to life,” said MOZI’s Head of Design, Fleur Harris.
Students were briefed on MOZI’s inspiration behind the Gelato range, including original visual references, inspirational artists, moments in history and a selection of fresh scents from MOZI’s fragrance house.
“We were delighted to see so many different artistic interpretations of the Gelato theme from individual working groups, and impressed with the students’ highly creative and conceptual thinking. The display is a really fresh take on the range, and we are looking forward to showing off their efforts in-store during October,” said Ms Harris.
The final selected concept focuses on the existing MOZI design elements of bold lines and geometric shapes featured within the Gelato story, with a creative twist from the strongest designs submitted by RMIT students.

The World Loves Melbourne Interview with Fleur Harris – MOZI Head of Design


TWLM: How did you start in design?

I studied art and design all throughout high school, and went on to study Fine Arts at University in Australia and Italy. I had a huge amount of creative energy so I threw myself into every creative project I could think of. I had exhibitions, filled piles of sketchbooks, got myself an illustration agent, made product – creativity has been my driving force my whole life.

I went on to grow my freelance client list to include some major retailers – which led me into designing for both local and global apparel brands across 7 years. I worked in apparel as a textile designer, studio manager and trend forecaster and my passion for product development exploded during that period.

Working at MOZI is my dream role, it allows me to work across a huge scope of exciting, whimsical product alongside a very talented team. There are big things in store for this amazing brand and I am so excited to be a part of it. 

TWLM: Who is your major inspiration?

I am lucky to have some amazing friends, all highly creative and talented in their own fields across a range of industries. Growing alongside them over the years has driven me to always strive to keep doing better, to always be improving my skills and developing the breadth of my abilities.

Australia, particularly Melbourne, is producing some of the best in furnishing and homewares that I have seen in the current market – it's great to be a part of such an active community of creative people.   

TWLM: What is the key to great design?

It's the little things. Attention to detail. Knowing when less is more. Balance. Unexpected colour choices. Good quality materials and workmanship. There are a lot of considerations that occur subconsciously while I'm working. When something is ready, you just know – it's sort of a 'ta-da!' moment that happens inside your head.   

TWLM: Do you think Melbourne retail could benefit greatly from contemporary design ideas?

Melbourne retail is an exciting patchwork of hidden boutiques and global brands new to the Australian market. It's a very exciting environment to be a part of.

MOZI is bringing ranges of exciting and unique product to a market that is hungry for something different, so it's wonderful to be able to see this brand grow with such a great energy around it.