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Northcote Social Club Gets Spruced up For its 10th Anniversary

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Last week Northcote Social Club celebrated ten years of providing a central hub for music lovers, as well as a popular meeting place for friends. The High Street venue, an evolution of Fitzroy’s Punters Club, has hosted over 5,000 bands to date, with an average of 250 shows each year.

The club hosts local and international bands of all genres, some big names including Gotye and Lady Gaga, with plenty more to come in 2015.

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Earlier this year the social club closed for six weeks for a complete refurbishment. The Tenth Anniversary Soiree was a lively, relaxed night to celebrate and give guests a chance to see the improvements, with the new band room on display. As always, the open bar got everyone in a jovial mood and it was a great opportunity to network and make new friends.

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DJ Rodger Moore provided a great mix of chilled out old school classics and tunes from local, upcoming artists. Supporting local talent is something the club likes to do and many of the shows are affordable, with some tickets as cheap as $15.

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Weaving their way through the sounds of friends catching up and people meeting for the first time were waiters with a little bit of everything, to make up an eclectic dinner.  Above is some Peking duck wrapped in a green tea pancake with plum sauce, and plenty of spring rolls, rice paper rolls and mini pies were going around. You only went hungry if you wanted to.

The Northcote Social Club is also a pub restaurant that now boasts the European-trained chef Martin de Korte. The food menu has also been redesigned, bringing in more customers than ever.

The World Loves Melbourne had the chance to meet several people, including the owners of other venues in Melbourne like Less Than Zero in South Yarra and enjoyed learning more about the club as a venue. The social club originally opened in 1894 and was formerly known as the Commercial Hotel until Mat Everett came onto the scene in 2004 with managing director, Andrew Mansfield.

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Bands playing in the social club in the next month include Jebediah, Hiatus Kaiyote, Eves the Behaviour and several others. These bands have been invited to play in celebration of Northcote Social Club’s milestone.

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The club is ready to go and sure to be a hotspot for the rest of the spring season and leading into summer. Tickets are selling out fast, so go to for more information and to be part of this celebration. Image credit Lil Williams and Northcote Social Club.