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Our Session at Milk and Honey Massage Specialists

The World Loves Melbourne enjoys some fine experiences in this city of ours, but an invitation to Milk & Honey in West Melbourne for 90 minutes of remedial massage was sensational. For corporates under stress, those with injuries, lower activity levels, and for those who want to treat themselves, remedial massage from a specialist is the way to go. And Milk & Honey is affordable.


Many people don't know where to go when it comes to massage. There's some dodgy joints around and there's practitioners with simply average skills. The World Loves Melbourne can vouch for the professionalism, skill and care of Milk & Honey as a top notch massage specialist. 

When I entered Milk & Honey I was greeted by Caroline and asked to fill out a form to identify any needs or issues. Then I was ushered into a massage room where the ambience was tranquil and I was surrounded by quality decor. A fresh cup of Jasmine tea was supplied for me to imbibe. The massage table was extremely comfortable as far as tables go, and was fully adjustable.


Important is that you're not treated as just another statistic. Some places do this. At Milk & Honey there's genuine care and no shortcuts. My treatment for 90 min was mainly a back and neck massage with a head massage at the end.

As an accountant and blogger I spend far too much time on the computer and developing bad posture. My muscles are like rock. A remedial massage is great because it gets in deep and loosens up the rock of muscle. It has physiological benefits such as increased fitness levels and faster recovery from sport injuries and sprains.

Milk & Honey also offers purely Relaxation Massage and Pregnancy Massage. You can also purchase gift cards. (And so affordable with current rates $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for an hour and $120 for 90 minutes). 


The massage therapists at Milk & Honey are experienced and skillful. From the start my therapist was picking up things about my body - including an injury I'd suffered. She could tell I was left handed and which was my dominant side.

The simple aim of the massage from my point of view was to relax and relieve stress. A variety of massage techniques were used, and included hot towels at various stages. In fact the massage started with hot towels to warm up the back muscles.



As the massage continued I was glad I wasn't just a food blogger. 


Chatting to the therapist was also excellent. The massage was extremely relaxing so I possibly became less chatty as time went on. Milk & Honey practises several massage techniques but the foundation is remedial massage, especially for new customers. To be honest I need more than one session - but this one session had me floating. My muscles felt so relaxed. The massage was deep and even released toxins - so I needed to drink a few litres of water after the session.

Relaxation and rejuvenation were achieved at this welcoming, professional and talented massage business. Milk & Honey also featured in TimeOut Top 10 Massages in Melbourne. Highly recommended.