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Fitness and Health Expo and Interview with Teresa Cutter

An event to put in your calendar for 2016 is the Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne. We attended a blogger event on the Saturday morning of the 2015 event and it was one of the best blogger events of the year. The Fitness & Health Expo has some of the notable fitness identities from around the world, some of the latest in trends and technology, and it's interactive. If you are passionate about fitness and health, or need some inspiration, this will pump you up! 


We were given a snack on arrival from Monster Health Food Company. We were soon to undergo a massive workout so some fuelling was required. We then visited a few of the stands to see what was new in fitness technology. This included smartcard use for body scanning in using equipment. We checked out the latest in equipment by Milon Australia. We also looked at SurfSet Fitness by HF Industries. An interesting concept was checking out a game style fitness approach where you score points and compete against others.


Celebrity Personal Trainer and Bodybuilding champion Max Philisaire otherwise known as Max The Body was on hand to train us for an intensive session. Max has a huge international profile and spent half his time at the Expo posing with fans for selfies. Max has a military background and he wasn't going to let us off the hook. His approach is to master the mind as well as the body. This was a brilliant class. This was a high intensity session with body weight exercises (the trend) including chin ups, push up burpees and battle ropes. It says it all when you can use your first name followed by "The Body". This guy is a hero to many fitness enthusiasts and body builders, and it's all natural. We enjoyed the workout and fair to say, we shredded it.

Dauntingly we volunteered for the chin ups (above) with Max The Body pushing us all the way (and providing an assisting hand)! Hard work but rewarding! As a personal trainer at we were no stranger to a vigorous workout. This blogger event was fully participative.


Teresa Cutter The Healthy Chef showed us how to make almond milk and amazing smoothies. Teresa is our foodie hero and one of Australia's best chefs. Check out our interview with this icon of Australian healthy eating:

A passionate and high profile advocate for health over two decades, you may have heard of Teresa as the 'chef' behind The Healthy Chef she cafe founded in Sydney's northern beaches (famous fans included Megan Gale, Kelly Slater and Layne Beachley). She is also the author of five books, and has appeared extensively in the media on her quest to show people how quick and easy cooking healthily can be. 

Whilst Teresa has cooked for celebrities and surfing legends, her mission is to help thousands more. Through her website ( Teresa has inspired many people to turn their lives around through cooking. From overweight families battling with obesity to sufferers of cancer, she receives some incredibly touching letters from fans thanking her for generously sharing her recipes and wisdom for free via her site.

Around 30,000 people are expected to attend the Australian Health & Fitness Expo on Saturday and Sunday - get on it!


We each received an amazing bag (in fact several) of goodies and fitness gear. Looking forward to next year in 2016. Thanks to Square One PR.