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Battling Melbourne’s sporadic weather conditions – The homeowners guide


Nothing can ruin a perfectly planned outdoor party or get together worse than poor weather conditions and Melbourne’s weather has a notorious reputation for changing rather rapidly. A morning of sunshine and blue skies can quickly shift to an afternoon and evening of drizzle and chilly temperatures.

Dealing with Melbourne’s less than forgiving and unpredictable weather can make planning any outdoor experience a bit of a problem. A dining tent or gazebo can easily combat the rain, but what about battling uncomfortably cool outdoor conditions? One option is having your porch or patio closed off and insulated however this can be a very costly endeavour so one great and far more economically feasible option is purchasing an outdoor gas heater for your home’s outdoor space.

Endless benefits to outdoor heaters

Outdoor gas heaters use radiant heat to warm outdoor spaces to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere regardless of the outdoor temperatures. This allows homeowners the advantage of being able to entertain outdoors in cooler temperature and in Melbourne’s case, throughout the year. They can provide an Inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to the costly headache of having a porch or patio closed off and insulated.

Outdoor gas heaters come in stylish designs

Heaters, nowadays offer an endless variety of placement options. Today’s outdoor gas heaters come in slim line, stylish and minimalist type designs that are able to work in virtually any backyard or patio décor, allowing them to warm your outdoor entertaining area without causing design issues to your carefully decorated outdoor space.

An environmentally friendly heating option

Natural gas and propane are both clean burning fossil fuels that will not pollute the air we breathe or cause harm to the environment. Gas fueled heaters are able to deliver instant heat, without the guilt of using environmentally damaging heating options that release high emissions into the atmosphere.

Outdoor gas heaters are inexpensive

Outdoor gas heaters are an extremely affordable outdoor heating option and are far less expensive than electric heaters. The price of gas does vary, however the efficiency of an outdoor gas heater will not, so fluctuations in gas prices will have only a very small effect on the cost of heating your outdoor areas.

Outdoor gas heaters are very safe and easy to use

Today’s outdoor gas heaters are designed with a variety of excellent safety features to ensure that there is virtually no risk of injury. Unlike fire pits or bowls, outdoor gas heaters do not produce a dangerous open flame and the emitter screen and dome at the top of the heater are the only areas of the heater that comes in direct contact with the heat source. The base and lower areas of the heater stay cool to the touch, so there is no real risk of burns to small children or pets. Most modern outdoor heaters today even have the added safety feature of a tilt valve, that will automatically shut down the heater if it should tilt further than the set degree, or if the heater should be tipped over entirely. In addition to this, today’s heaters are very user friendly and are no more difficult to operate than your standard indoor heater.

An affordable luxury

There are few things in life as enjoyable as entertaining friends and family outdoors with a barbeque paired with some refreshing drinks, or stretching out on the patio while enjoying your garden or gazing at the starry night sky. An outdoor gas heater allows you to enjoy a warm atmosphere in even the chilliest of temperatures, at a reasonable cost.