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The Ultimate Tissot Footy Fan Survival Kit An Awesome Must-Have for Footy Lovers

For the 2017 AFL season, the Tissot Countdown Clock is back for another year, after debuting at MCG matches in 2016. The World Loves Melbourne attended several matches at the MCG last year and loved the ability to see the real match time remaining (especially in tight games) on the Tissot Countdown Clock. We were thrilled to receive one of the Tissot footy fan "survival kits" which have been delivered around town - the ultimate footy lover accessory!

Have you seen the Tissot Countdown Clock at AFL matches at the MCG? Look for the LED clock where the boundary advertising boards are transformed into the Tissot Countdown Clock. The clock has been extended for greater coverage this season but will not be displayed for the final minute of the games.

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With the new AFL season now in full swing and to celebrate the return of the Tissot countdown clock, Tissot has had AFL players delivering the ultimate Tissot footy fan “survival kit” to some of the biggest AFL tragics around town. These include Tim Watson, Ryan Fitzgerald (Fitzy), Billy Brownless, Daniel Harford and others.

The kit is fully functional - designed to help footy tragics deal with the whitewash of emotions of close matches: and includes:

  • Tissot timepiece (to the RRP value of $1,200) to count down the seconds
  • An AFL team scarf to show your colours
  • A personalised handkerchief to wipe the sweat from your brow
  • Headphones to block out the external noise and focus on the match
  • A flask to stay hydrated in those final seconds
  • A lucky horseshoe to will your team over the line

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Tissot know the footy tragic well. We all keep an eye on the time closely. As a Crows supporter I still remember the final minutes of  the 2015 final against the Bulldogs, as a guest of the AFL in the stand, with an eye on the clock as Tex Walker bounced his way down the wing to set up the winning goal. Of course the Bulldogs bounced back to win the flag last year, with all eyes again on the clock at the epic MCG games. A Tissot timepiece is not only reliable but fashionable.

As a fan you have to show your colours. You can't be a silent fence sitter.  As a Crows supporter since their inception into the AFL I've moved to Melbourne; and you can't change your team, it's un-Australian. So as a Crows supporter living in Melbourne I keep the faith and show my tue colours. Now I have a quality Crows scarf as part of my Tissot footy fan "survival kit" - proudly displaying win, lose or draw!

A personalised handkerchief comes in handy for that sweat that builds during a tense game - even in the heart of winter. Personalised initials are a great touch in keeping with the class of Tissot.

Headphones are to block out the noise and distractions around the footy tragic. Have you ever had the experience of barracking at a game with opposition supporters all around you? I have. I remember a challenging Prelim final being in the heart of the Collingwood cheer squad with their slow chant of "C-o-l-l-i-n-g-w-o-o-d"! Wow, I needed the Tissot headphones then! 

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Of course we would never bring alcohol into the MCG, but a flask is handy to stay hydrated in those last seconds. Tissot produce a range of great quality fashionable flasks.

The horseshoe is a playful touch that rounds off what is an epic kit.

And the Tissot footy fan "survival kit" comes in an attractive brief case!

Since 1853, Tissot, member of the Swatch Group, has never ceased honoring its slogan « Innovators by Tradition ». Look out for the Tissot Countdown clock at the MCG this season! #sp #ad