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10 Cool Things To Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a favourite destination for Australians and here are our top 10 cool things to do in Honolulu Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach at Sunset

Wakiki still has its lustre and is a magnificent beach with the best time to visit being at sunset. Even in winter you will find spectacular sunsets here. Wade out into the warm water and take in the red and pink sky hues. wash off the sand from the outdoor shower.

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Discover Iconic Eateries

Hawaii has many iconic eateries famous for celebrity visits and great food. Rainbow Drive-In is iconic in every way as a comfort food haven with Hawaiin plate lunches, BBQ, mahi mahi, chili dogs and more. Not necessarily calorie friendly but we didn't care; load up on the gravy!

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Load up on the gravy and the sauces please.

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Hawaii Cat Cafe is a fun experience for cat lovers, dedicated to changing the lives of shelter cats, finding them homes, and educating the public about responsible pet ownership. And the coffee and food is good! As a traveller I wasn't able to take a cat home to Australia (plus we already have one) but it was tempting.

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Donut lover? Leonards Bakery is another iconic destination since 1952 with delicious malasadas (Portugeuse donuts), breads, pastries and more.

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Hula Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs is another street food icon featuring special baked purple bun sized bread with a "Puka" pierced from one end through most of the length of the bread. We recommend choosing the Polish sausage and mango relish.

Climb Diamond Head State Monument

It seems everyone who stays in Wakiki climbs Diamond Head and it's worth it! For the views, the exercise and for the vibe of people from all over the world. Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone with crater. From the crater floor Diamond Head Mountain is 560 feet. While it takes the average climber around 45 min to climb Diamond Head, it took me over an hour (and less coming down). You need to relax and enjoy the climb, stopping every now and then to enjoy the stunning views.

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Catch the Waikiki Trolley Bus

A novelty is the Double Decker Waikiki Trolley Bus that runs through Waikiki and picks up from the major hotels. It's a great way to see Waikiki and even goes out to Pearl Harbour and around the coast at a reasonable price.

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Go Shopping

Hawaii is a shopping destination of note. While we enjoyed great shopping in Los Angeles, we were surprised by the range and discount prices at premium shopping centtres in Waikiki. Check out the International Market Place (75 stores with attractive water feature and stream with a treehouse), Ala Moana Center (which has a huge number of international brands), as well as local brands along the Waikiki Beach Walk and the Royal Hawaiian Center.

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Eat Poke

A popular national dish ithere's nothing like enjoying a fresh poke bowl in Hawaii. Melt in your mouth chopped and seasoned raw fish caught off the fresh waters of Hawaii mixed with sea salt and seaweed. But in recent times we have seen variations of the traditional poke with several other ingredients added. Waikiki has loads of poke options all over the city. Personally I enjoy a little spice and heat with my poke, and love the ability to build your own bowl.

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Catch Local Live Music

Fun to catch local live music including performances at Ala Moana Centerstage, late night performances around food trucks, bars and well known artists performing major concerts.

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Visit Big Wave Surf Beaches

Grab a car, a tour or just catch the bus out to the North Shore of Oahu where legendary winter waves attract the best surfers in the world. Our favourite beach is Sunset Beach which hosts the presigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Also recommend Pipeline Beach and Waimea Bay.

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Visit Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Another icon is Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the North Shore of Honolulu, with it's stunning shrimp dishes and graffiti decorated truck. For a reasonable price you can get Shrimp Scampi featuring a dozen shrimp marinated in olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, and lesson butter, served with two scoops of rice all drizzled with a garlic lesson butter and caramelized chunks of tasty garlic. Or go for the spicy option with a fiery hot tasty red sauce. Also popular are the hot dogs.


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Finally just chill. We love the climate here and find it therapeutic. Even a day walking around Waikiki or by the pool is rewarding.

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