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10 Cool Things To Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a fabulous destination with loads of attractions for the Aussie traveller. Here are our best things to do in Los Angeles having visited many times.

Grand Central Market

One of the most iconic markets in the world over 100 years old and bringing the cuisines of the city together. Check out famous eateries like Eggslut (all things egg and yolk covered burgers), Wexler's Deli (pastrami), Taco Tumbras A Tomas, China Cafe, G&B Coffee, and Golden Road Brewing to name a few.

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Iconic eateries and fresh produce inspire foodies from all over the world.

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Eggslut is one of the most iconic eateries in Grand Central Market. 

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The Fairfax from Eggslut features soft scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, and chives in a toasted brioche bun smeared with Sriracha mayo and is totally delicious.

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Golden Road Brewing brewhouse in Grand central Market has 20 taps of fresh brews.

Discover Iconic Eateries

From street food to fine dining LA has a great example of every cuisine in the world. Try tacos in East LA, visit Koreatown, enjoy upmarket restaurants in Santa Monica and Downtown LA, as well as the food trucks and restaurant chains. Of course we love fast food chains like Chipotle, In n Out, Shake Shack, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co to name a few.

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Famous Clalmari dish above and Chinese style duck dish below with fresh Elephant Plums at legendary fusion restaurant Chinois on Main by Wolfgang Puck.

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Authentic tacos in East LA is the best of street food here featuring Tacqizas Gilberto West Covina. When you are invited by the worlds best foodie @jeffrey_merrihue to come for America's best tacos at 7am (before they are sold out by 9am!) in East LA. So amazing, even life changing. You can order Hidalgo-style birria from Gilberto, but get the flautas—long flute-like tacos that are fried then scorched on the comal until they’re crispy sticks of chili-stained goat-stew dynamite. Street-style flautas like this are common in Mexico, especially in the territory around Mexico City.

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Heroic Deli and Wine Bar above is an example of exciting modern dining in Santa Monica. Come here for LA's best sandwiches.

World best “OMG” Sandwich featuring Imported Italian Prosciutto, Capocollo, Mortadella, Porchetta, Smoked Mozzarella, Artichokes, Roasted Tomatoes, House Made Giardinnaire, Mustard & Truffle Mayo @heroic_deli in Santa Monica. 

With @jeffrey_merrihue (XtremeFoodies) and Adam Fleischman (Umami Burger) involved you know it’s going to be world class.

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In n Out never fails to please and is iconic to California. Animal style of course.

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Din Tai Fung is a popular Chinese restaurant and voted as one of the best in the world.

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Shake Shack delivers on  exceptional burgers, shakes and fries.

Visit Beaches Including Venice Beach and Boardwalk

Beaches are a feature of Los Angeles from Huntington Beach out to Malibu. A stroll along eclectic Venice Beach and Muscle Beach is a must and the sights and sounds of the boardwalk unique.

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Action a plenty on the beach.

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Boardwalk is a longer walk than you may think with quirky sights along the way.

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Street performances are a highlight.

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Get your basketball game happening with friends or strangers.

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Santa Monica Pier

Also iconic is a stroll down Santa Monica Pier with the Amusement Park and large Ferris Wheel and various eateries and attractions. After your experience at Santa Monica Pier walk into downtown Santa Monica and in particular Third St Promenade.

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Popular destination in LA.

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NBA Game at Staples Center

NBA Basketball is a massive attraction throughout the world and an opportunity to see the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers is magical. We have seen a couple of NBA games in LA and it's huge fun. The fans are passionate, the stadium food decent and the game is of the highest standard with loads of off court entertainment.

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Game time withseats expensive but we think worth it.

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Food and catering at Staples Center is top notch.

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Entertainment at Staples Center is also to be found often outside the stadium.

Original Farmers Market and The Grove

Check out The Grove upmarket shopping experience and head over to The Original Farmer's Market with food stalls and sit down eateries featuring the old and new since 1934. We started the day with premium shopping at The Grove (notably for shoes and clothing and high fashion) then enjoyed wandering around the Original Farmers Market with our shopping bags checking out the food stalls until we settled on a few for our progressive lunch. This is a popular LA attraction with more than 3m visitors a year.The appeal of the Farmers Market is its rustic charm, with some of the stalls still with the same decor as yesteryear. you may spot a celeb or two while you are there.

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Gumbo Pot Jambalaya with sweet potato chips at The Gumbo Pot.

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Clam Chowder at The Original Famers Market.

Go Shopping

Shopping is a big deal in LA with a plethora of huge malls and well known international brands. We like to shop at Del Amo Fashion Center, the biggest mall in LA (at time of writing), as well as visit some of the factory outlets like Nordstrom Rack.

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Del Amo Fashion Center.

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Hollywood Walk of Fame

Not everyone's cup of tea but a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame is fascinating. See your favourite movie stars and celebs stars and then visit a nearby eatery in Hollywood.

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TCL Chinese Theatre, an iconic indoor movie theatre.

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Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

Apart from the usual shopping a visit to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is iconic. Start with Tiffany and work your way along including big names such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, Dior, Dolce Gabbana to name a few.

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Spot the celebs as you stroll down Rodeo Drive.

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Visit Disneyland

A magical experience out of LA is Disneyland in Anaheim, fun for the whole family. Grab a day pass and pay extra to avoid the long queues. Visit both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, each with its own unique attractions, shows and restaurants.

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