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Top 10 Melbourne Pork Dishes 2020

Melbourne is in love with pork belly, pork hock, pork ribs, charsu ramen and all things pork. Here are our top finds for Melbourne's best pork dishes (no particular order) - 

Giro D'Italia Cotoletta alla Valdostana - North Carlton (soon Collins St)

Cotoletta alla Valdostana is a rock star dish: a fillet that's rolled thin with a rolling pin so it can be folded "like a wallet" according to Dom. Then it is infused with creamy fontina cheese and smoked ham. It's cooked to golden in butter and topped with triple-cooked potatoes. Indulgence on a plate. It's super rich but you can't resist it at Giro D'Italia

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Red Spice Road - Pork Belly w Apple Slaw - CBD

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Red Spice Road has been famous for this dish for many years and going strong as ever.  Succulent pork belly with crispy exterior melt in your mouth, perfect with the Slaw.

Mr Lee's Food - Steamed Pork Belly - Ringwood East

Hero local Mr Lee's Food has won acclaim for best cheap eat restaurant in Melbourne 2019 by Time Out and their Steamed Pork belly is a sensation in its simplicity and perfect execution.

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Dandelion - Pork Hock - Elwood

Geoff Lindsay has excelled with the Pork Hock dish at Dandelion in Elwood. We love the freshness of the greens and the chillies that bring the heat with crispy skin and tender meat inside.

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MR RYU - Pork Katsu Don - Balaclava

Pork katsu sando at MR RYU is a standout, and one of the best in Melbourne. Bread crumbed and a generous 200g pork loin cooked to perfection, with tang of mustard and BBQ sauce, this is a superb dish for a reasonable price. The thick pork loin has a good amount of fat and is juicy, perfect against the soft white bread. If I was working near this precinct I would order the Teishoku and the pork katsu sando regularly. 

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Cru + - Pork Benny - The Glen

Pork Benny with pulled char-siu pork, wasabi onion, miso hollandaise on pumpkin loaf is a highlight as an innovative and modern dish.

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Sun Kitchen - Mao's Braised Donting-style Pork Belly - Albert Park

Sun Kitchen is a revelation in Albert Park with stunning views of the lake and modern Chinese cuisine featuring Cantonese and Sichuan dishes. Slow cooked pork belly is braised with five spice and slow cooked in dark soy; a specialty that had us hooked as addicts. The soft gelatinous pork packed with flavour is arguable the best pork belly dish in Melbourne. Melt in your mouth pork goodness. We hear that this was Chairman Mao's favourite dish and we are not surprised and the rendition by super talented and experienced Head Chef Chan Kwok is first class.

sunkitchendecweb 169

Glistening pork goodness where some fat is good, served with wilted greens. 

sunkitchendecweb 14

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Head Chef Chan Kwok is a master of pork dishes.

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One of many popular signature dishes, this is joyous dining.

Chin Chin - Caramelised Sticky Pork - CBD 

Caramelised Sticky Pork has been on the menu as a signature dish since Chin Chin restaurant opened in 2011 and has been a much lauded dish among diners.

Chinchin 15

The Caramelised sticky pork dish features rich and rewarding sweet sticky caramelised pork on the outside, and soft and juicy pork inside. The salad brings a sour dimension, a mix of Granny Smith apple strips, betel leaves, coriander and mint on a chilli vinegar dressing.  The genius of the salad is that it brings a tang and pleasing acidity that offsets the pork. Chin Chin does not dumb it down on heat, and this dish comes with rewarding spice and kick. The caramelised sticky pork dish is aesthetically pleasing with a plethora of colours and textures. The colour of the sweet caramelised pork is mouth watering. The aroma of the dish is compelling, including the aroma of Asian herbs. 

David's - Traditional Sticky Pork Belly - Windsor

David's classic traditional sticky pork belly that was first made famous when they first opened over 20 years ago, and there is no sign of going off the menu.

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JAMU - Pork Hock - Richmond

Glistening delicious Pork Hock served with a salad is a winner at JAMU with notable sticky sauce that sets offf the perfectly cooked dish.

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