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Authenticity Resonates at Masak Ku Malaysian Restaurant

Masak Ku resonates with authenticity and has become a popular dining house in Camberwell (rated on Trip Advisor as no 2 restaurant in Camberwell at time sof this article). Masak Ku means "my cooking" in Malaysian; with this restaurant providing high class approachable dishes. We look at some of the highlights on the menu...


Laksa should be creamy and have the right amount of heat, not watery and weak. Masak Ku packs the broth full of flavout using decent amount of curry and creamy coconut; nothing watered down here. Laksa should also have quality noodles, shoots and garnish. Masak Ku also excels with the succulent chicken and quality large prawns; along with tofu that can absorb the broth. Their also should be a fragrance of the broth; this is Malaysian comfort food at it's best.


Where to find decent roti in Melbourne? So often roti can be dry and tasteless. Roti should have crispy chewy element but not too dry. Masak Ku serves roti with peanut sauce but also a variation with sambal pork floss; delightfully authentic Malaysian.

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Shared fish dishes are a feature of Malaysian cusine. Fish dishes should keep the fish as the hero of the dish but provide spices and heat that enhances. With crispy skin, there should be tender flesh underneath. 

A signature dish at Masak Ku is the Sambal Rainbow Trout; deboned whole fish smothered with house-made Sambal wrapped in banana leave parcel then char-grilled. Simply we each broke off tender smoky flakes of fish; a satisfying almost rustic Malaysian dish honouring traditional Malaysian cooking and the fruit of the sea and perfect for sharing at your group event. The Sambal flavours give the dish some welcome "kick".

Or enjoy the popular Lychee Fish deboned whole barramundi in it's sweet glory complemented with lychees and sweet and sour lychee sauce. The presentation is spectacular presented with fish head evident in authentic style.

MasakKu 27


Duck dishes should be tender, never dry. Head Chef Simon flash fries the duck to complete the cooking process so it remains juicy. The duck is deboned for easy eating and served with a compelling sauce. This is one of those dishes that you never want to end!

MasakKu 19


Satay and Malaysian cuisine are synonomous. Tender chicken cooked on skewers with a superb peanut sauce (served on the side at Masak Ku). The satay chicken skewers at Masak Ku are rewarding and clean, not greasy, with delightful golden colour. 

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Beef Rendang is slow cooked dish, never tough or dry. Yet it is cooked in dry curry style with definable pieces of beef. There should be sufficient spice and heat for this to be on the hot side! Masak Ku cooks the rendang perfectly; spicy delectable beef that is moorish.


Fried Chicken

The challenge for some restaurants is that chicken dishes can be boring. Masak Ku packs intensity of flavour in the chicken dish with master stock part of the cooking process. The chicken is deboned for eating and skin left on; crispy outside and tender inside. 

MasakKu2 22

Ice Cream - including Durian and Kopi Coffee

This is a surprise. Some of the most exotic and rewarding ice cream in Melbourne.

Durian ice cream is derived from the famous fruit; with the smell like hell but the taste like heaven. Yes you can smell the durian if you get near, but the taste is sublime - like nothing else you've tasted! Durian ice cream must be on your bucket list for dining and can be a reason in itself for visiting Masak Ku.

Also surprising to us is the Kopi Coffee ice cream. This is the famous pre-digested coffee from Malaysia that is hugely expensive. We can't believe Masak Ku has an ice cream flavour of Kopi ice cream! Decadent with a compelling coffee flavour. In coffee-mad Melbourne this also needs to be on your bucket list!

Mango ice cream served with in season mangoes is another highlight at Masak Ku. 

Masak Ku is a delightful malaysian restaurant in Camberwell with its chandelier finery and warm ambience, backed up by smart service and an array of diverse an dcompelling dishes. Get on it!