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Son In Law Thai Loves Melbourne

Son In Law is a delightful modern Thai restaurant that hits the spot on all fronts. Traditional names are present but this is about modern Thai or "Thai with a twist". Good restaurants are run by good people and Tony is an excellent front of house, eager to please. We remember the previous restaurant Ayatana but this is something different. The World Loves Melbourne (David and Mario) was invited to sample the bright vibrant experience that is Son In Law. Check out our Best Cheap Eats in Melbourne. Please also check out our Best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne.

The fit out is light and airy with modern design; on trend with casual but smart Melbourne dining. Several dining spaces add interest; such as the downstairs dining area overlooking Johnston St with opportunity to sit at a counter along the window, the upstairs dining area and the dining out the back.

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The move to Collingwood has been great for Tony and his wife; with Son and Law busy even over the holiday period.

And no wonder. Every dish we consumed was on point. And comment should be made about the beer and wine list; the best we've ever seen in a Thai restaurant (if that's not patronising). Craft beer overdrive and iconic well chosen trendy wines.

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Son in Law Eggs are a must order; Instagram art on a plate but more than that delicious textures and flavours for a simple dish. It set the trend for the night; bright modern food with decent and appropriate levels of spice. Sweetness with heat featuring sweet tamarind, chilli, fried shallots.

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Crispy Barramundi Fillets are another highlight, with many of the dishes bringing a crispy style. Delectable small fillets of crispy barra with a fair amount of kick. Roasted dry chilli, mint and coriander, red onion and roasted ground rice come together wonderfully for a flavour packed dish.

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Roti came as a separate dish and could be considered a small dish in itself. Well cooked fluffy roti with pleasing peanut sauce was refreshing.

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It was also great to see leading bloggers Lisa Eats World and In Love With Brunch in the restaurant.

Service here is excellent with staff vibrant and cheerful.

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Another high point was the Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Tiger Prawns; a variation on the traditional Thai Green Curry dish. In fact you can order the Thai Green curry straight up, and if a traditionalist, Son In Law is still for you. Yet we enjoyed the modern and adventurous dishes, with the soft shell crab and tiger prawns cooked perfectly and combining as a seafood triumph against spicy green curry. Enjoyed with coconut rice this was a hugely rewarding dish.

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By now we were thinking every dish is modern, on point and wonderfully spiced. The food is also affordable; you won't break the bank at Son In Law.

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Deep Fried Chicken Ribs is a highly recommended dish, with choice of spicy dipping sauce. The food here can be shared, and you might find yourself fighting over the ribs. Crispy, juicy inside, served hot and with kick of spice. Hard to resist.

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Having eaten plenty, we now imbibed the Twice Cooked Crispy Pork Belly stir fried with chilli jam, green beans, bean shoots, and kaffir lime leaves. We enjoyed this crispy dish; and you need to heed the words "twice cooked crispy" as this is not the typical crispy on the outside tender inside pork belly dish. It's crispy all the way. We love that it is not served as a pile of pork but with crispy beans and bean shoots, and a compelling sauce. Again, this is crispy heaven. 

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Dessert was also excellent; the pick being the Marshmallow and Nutella Puff. Decadence and a contrast to the food we had just eaten, complementing well.

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The trio of Steamed Coconut Pandan Puddings was more traditional, and also rewarding.

We highly recommend Son In Law as a modern, vibrant, affordable, savvy and cheery Thai restaurant.


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