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Lazy Sundays at Saigon Sally

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How about lazy Sundays at Saigon Sally in Windsor? It's the perfect option for a lazy Sunday catch up with friends.
Boozy brunches have been taking over Sundays at Windsor favourite, Saigon Sally and we were invited to experience the ultimate Bottomless (and boozy) Brunch. We got enthusiastic about Saigon Sally and thoroughly enjoyed our lazy Sunday here. The ability to choose 6 dishes off the menu and sit back and relax and engage, all while sipping on Cloudy Bay bubbles.
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Cloudy Bay bubbles are a decent Sunday option.
You'll get to try six of Saigon Sally's most popular plates, such as the sticky lamb ribs, the Saigon chilli crabs and famous tira-mi-Sally while enjoying music from a DJ who will spin tunes throughout the afternoon. 
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Nothing beats a lazy Sunday session, especially when it involves unlimited topups of bubbles and Beer Hanoi for the entire sitting. Lazy Sally Sundays are superb for a Bottomless Boozy Brunch.
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Fried chicken ribs were crispy and juicy inside; a triumph.
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Dumplings were also top notch and served with flair! 
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We couldn't go past the San Choi Bao; braised pork belly and black pepper caramel was cooked to perfection with big flavours and refreshing lettuce cups.
This is a great offer; $39pp for 6 plates then choose whether you want ongoing bubbles for $75 pp.
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Saigon chilli crabs was a highlight; soft shell crabs, tomato, black bean, lime and chilli.
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A showstopper was the Sticky lamb ribs served with mandarin, oyster sauce, fennel and star anise. We ate the ribs off the bone of course; sticky fingers.
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Green Papaya Salad was a tangy delicious dish; as was the extra noodles dish they brought out to us.
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We imbibed Adrian Li's innovative Sunday lunch menu and found the food to be top notch; refreshing and innovative.
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Get on it.