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Hot Sauce Kitchen and Bar - A QT Melbourne Winner

Celebrating Melbourne’s laneway culture, QT Melbourne has created its very own late night hot-spot within the hotel offering with Hot Sauce Laneway Bar. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to check out the menu and the K-pop vibe.

Hot Sauce, the edgy dinner and late night drinking den cranks up the cool factor with a fusion of Korean and Japanese street food in a vibrant ambience with funky 90’s beats, cracking cocktails and a hip hop vibe. In a packed bar on a weeknight soon after its opening, Hot Sauce is noticeably capturing the urban and corporate crowd. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to visit a hot new bar: and Hot Sauce fits the bill.

Laneway bars and intimate dining venues are part of Melbourne’s genetics, making it the perfect destination and hang-out for both QT Melbourne guests and the urban dwelling crowd. What was impacting for us was the number of points of difference in terms of the menu. Playfulness is a factor and we found the whole experience to be fun.

 HotSauceQT 35

The 60-seat venue is an intimate space lined with bar seating, giving guests a front row show to the magic of playfully artistic bartenders serving Asian-inspired cocktails such as the Umeshu and raspberry infused Gangnam 64, and the smoky flavours of the Shinshu Julep – Mars Iwai Japanese Whiskey, Shiso Umeshu, Yuzu Bitters and Shiso leaves. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed a smokey Tequila inspired cocktail with the smokey flavours enhanced by a side of bacon (see below). 

Diners are transported to the bustling bar scene of Asia while sipping on a large selection of Korean and Japanese beer, as well as rare Japanese liquors.

HotSauceQT 30

HotSauceQT 9

In true QT style, the share menu is quirky and playful, designed by QT Melbourne’s Creative Food Director Rob Marchetti in collaboration with Executive Chef Paul Easson, for grazing between drinks or settling into a hefty meal. Perch yourself on a bar stool and settle in. You may glance across to the screen showing Korean or Japanese game shows.

HotSauceQT 14

 Pork belly bao was a highlight; with pickled mustard greens, hoisin, hot sauce and peanuts.

HotSauceQT 12

Grass fed beef burger bao was also a hit with Szechuan mayo, fried cayenne onions, sweet pickled daikon. As was the Crispy fried chicken bao with hot sauce, kimchi for welcome kick, and American yellow mellow cheese.

HotSauceQT 19

Diners can relish ‘Steam and Stuff Me Baos’ to start, including the crispy fried chicken with hot sauce, kimchi and American Yellow Mellow cheese before tucking into a selection of charcoal bites served alongside scissor chopsticks, such as the ‘Chicken all Bits’, featuring cuts of thigh, breast and bum.

HotSauceQT 16 

Yakitori is first class including this Thrice cooked pork belly "Dongpo" kind of sweet n sour burnt pineapple soya, spring onions, coriander.

HotSauceQT 34

The ‘Street’ section of the menu offers larger dishes ideal for sharing, with a selection of seafood, vegetarian and meat options.

When I think Korean I'm usually thinking of fried chicken and beer. And nights out with my Korean friends. Special cup of caramel fried chicken n chilli, black sesame on top of Japanese whisky and smoked cola is a total delight, fun to eat, and a must order. Finger lickin' and straw suckin' good!

Taiwanese Hot Dog within a Dog gets diners intrigued, served with a crisp sticky rice bun, mustard greens and crisp shallots.

HotSauceQT 25 

More Yakitori; Spiced wagyu tri tip beef burger balls, yakitori sauce, hot mustard are balls of bliss.

And to finish on a sweet note, a ‘Big ass bowl of Asia’ gives diners the choice of mango ripple ice-cream with coconut ice and coconut cream or for something a little more heated, tapioca with chilli red beans, coconut sago, shredded coconut, pandanas liquid balls, plum Kelly and sweet corn.

HotSauceQT 31 

HotSauceQT 33 

Hot Sauce Laneway Bar is one of the many exciting offerings from designer hotel QT Melbourne, open from Monday to Saturday, 4:30pm – 2am.