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SSIX presents EVERLEIGH-AFTER immersive experience

As the arts, dining and events industries rise again, a new collaboration will deliver an experience that evokes a new dimension. SSIXX is an ode to the past, present and future of our creative culinary culture. 

Four gastronomic courses. Paired cocktails and beverages. Bespoke scents. Seamlessly entwined with a feast of visual and auditory art. Enter SSIXX's multidimensional cube and yield to an experience like no other. 

The Everleigh, in collaboration with leading Australian chef Peter Gunn (Ides) are creating a combustion of culinary flavour, in flawless synergy with 360 degrees of immersive video artistry. 

SSIXX presents EVERLEIGH AFTER premieres on 12 January. Tickets are now on sale, with strictly limited seating available via Eventbrite

With the table set for 14, SSIXX presents is a travelling degustation for intimate groups and individuals seeking an otherworldly dining experience. 

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Famous for their world class hospitality nous and drink artistry, Zara and Michael Madrusan are also widely lauded for their ability to create convincing portals to other times via The Everleigh, Heartbreaker and Bar Margaux. 

Zara is working in close collaboration with SSIXX’s founder Philip Bucknell, to deliver a truly symbiotic multi-sensory experience.

“The Everleigh is a lot about history and classic cocktail culture and escaping to this other world of the past,” Zara says. “With SSIXX, we are colliding with an entirely different otherworld - a digital, technological, futuristic space. Creating this experience for diners and art lovers has been an endlessly fascinating reimagining.”

Via their Made in the Shade group, Zara and Michael have contributed to events such as Dior at NGV, Fourth Wall at Hellenic Museum, LATE at Australian Open 2020, and Event Gallery for Melbourne Fashion Festival. 

“SSIXX is the most exciting project The Everleigh has had in a while,” Michael says. “It’s the perfect exercise for us to move into a different realm entirely, while still maintaining the core principles of what The Everleigh is all about.”

Diners will enter the cube in darkness, to be greeted by SSIXX, itself. Operating as an enigma, SSIXX is an uncategorised host exploring the human need to grapple with concepts of technology and change. 

Experiential designer, event specialist and SSIXX presents founder, Philip Bucknell, has created experiences for The Met Costume Gala, MOMA and New York Fashion Week to name a few. 

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“As the visual feast evolves around them, audiences will bite, sip and smell expertly crafted tastes, textures and scents that evoke the essence of what they’re seeing and hearing,” says Philip. “I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a creation where all five senses are so completely catered to. I can’t wait to see what people make of it.” 

Peter Gunn’s signature Black Box dessert will be reimagined in response to SSIXX’s immersive digital and sensory art. First made famous on Masterchef, the dessert is a major draw card on the menu at Gunn’s restaurant Ides, and the subject of many dedicated articles dissecting its mastery. The dish is an unassuming but highly technical ‘illegally tempered’ chocolate cube that contains ingredients that vary seasonally. Past ingredients include: passionfruit chocolate, champagne, truffle, compressed pear, caramel mouse, fresh honeycomb, ginger biscuit crumb, and more.  

SSIXX presents EVERLEIGH AFTER is the premiere of SSIXX presents, a travelling experience that comes to life in collaboration with culinary experts, artists and designers Australia wide.