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Dinner at MPD Steak Kitchen in Caulfield

We were invited to a stunning dinner at MPD Steak Kitchen in Caulfield with Executive Chef Chris Bonello working wonders with the Josper Grill. Not to mention superb wine pairings from Sommelier Joe Camilleri.

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MPD Steak Kitchen is a beacon in the heart of Caulfield (my third visit), specializing in steak but not just steak. This was our third visit to this restaurant and we have been super impressed by the experience each time, including excellent service, steak perfection, luxe seafood, stylish restaurant, fabulous wines and cocktails and cracking desserts.
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A champagne on arrival was most welcome and we enjoyed tasty bigilla on fresh focaccia as a bright start to the meal. Table setting was next level and we enjoyed some theatre at the table around a delicious Wasabi Gin cocktail matched with a spectacular Ora King Salmon dish.

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The Josper grilled octopus further demonstrated the versatility of MPD Steak Kitchen in heroing top notch ingredients and the best of local farms. Perfection with Yabby Lake Pinot Noir. This restaurant features standout seafood dishes, whether smaller bites or you can go large with Lobster.

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Signature Beef Wellington is a showstopper, best highlighted with fresh seasonal vegetables and superb Leeuwin Estate Shiraz.

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Dessert showed us more finesse from Chris Bonello with the best of Gippsland strawberries featured with delicious accompanying elements of lime and buttermilk snow, rosemary tuille, crystallized balsamic vinegar paired with a delightful Rockford Semillon.

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Ostensibly the dinner showcased the excellence and versatility of the MPD Steak Kitchen -
-Fennel focaccia, bigilla paired with Laurent Perrier Champagne
-Ora King Salmon, tea tree smoked roe, wasabi gin, blood orange paired with Wasabi Gin Cocktail 
-Josper grilled octopus with capers, olives, oregano, tomato paired with 2019 Yabby Lake Single Vineyard Pinot Noir
-Signature Beef Wellington, spring legumes, red wine jus paired with 2020 Leeuwin Estate “Art Series” Shiraz
-Gippsland Strawberries, lime and buttermilk snow, rosemary tuille, crystalized balsamic vinegar paired with 2017 Rockford Cane Cut Semillon 
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An exceptional dining journey with Chris Bonello talking us through the dishes and his passion for local seasonal high quality produce. All dishes impressed but the Ora King Salmon and Beef Wellington were personal favourites.
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Kudos to Chris Bonello who has worked in some of the top restaurants in the world delivering such a high level of dishes over many years. One of Melbourne’s chef treasures.
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Thanks also to Warren and the team from Zagame who have placed their stamp of finery on MPD Steak Kitchen and other hospitality expressions such as @lord_lygon @zagameshouse & top notch local hotels, as well as a six level luxury hotel in Vanuatu. Highly recommended.