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Kan Eang by Thai Culinary

We enjoyed a super impressive dinner (David & Deon) at new Kan Eang Thai restaurant in Flinders Lane, bringing a modern twist on street food classics. 

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Kudos to second generation hospitality leaders bringing sass and soul, siblings May and Nat Pongvattanaporn, building on the legacy of Thai Culinary on Elizabeth St and elevating family favourites to bring a slice of Thailand to Melbourne.
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Lemongrass Beef Satay Skewers were a great start and Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab was a showstopper.

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Signature Fried Spicy Chicken Spare Ribs is a must order. You receive a mountain of ribs but it’s the taste and quality that impresses. Maximum crispness and succulent chicken. This recipe dates back 17 years and gives Colonel Sanders a good run for his money (house seasoning is out of this world.) 
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Signature Kan Eang Fried Lucky Fish is another must order with stunning presentation and sweet Barramundi bites spiked with galangal, lime leaves, zesty lemongrass, black pepper, tamarind-based fish sauce, fried dried chilli and Kan Eang special seasoning, delighting the taste buds.
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Coconut rice and Roti with peanut sauce were the perfect accompaniments.
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Desserts also hit the high mark with delicious and refreshing Caramelized pumpkin with coconut gelato, and Young coconut short cake served with coconut gelato. 
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Strong cocktail game with the extraordinary Bloody Thai which includes chilli infused vodka and snacks on skewers featuring spicy fried chicken ribs, Thai fish cake and spring rolls (almost doubled as an entree and the drink itself was excellent). Thai Colada cocktail was also exceptional and a fun twist on a classic.
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The name Kan Eang means to “feel at ease” or “chill” and implies a sharing experience between friends. What I love about dining in Melbourne is that there are new gems to discover and great stories behind them. We left with a smile. 

Drawing on various regional cuisines, along with unique cooking styles and flavour combinations; Kan Eang's menu and mission demonstrates the importance of strong culinary cultures and the sentiment behind sharing adored recipes from generation to generation. 

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Kan Eang delivers an array of unsung Thai dishes and showcases a range of family favourites that you'd be pressed to find elsewhere in Melbourne. #invite